Gothtober 2018 OPENS with Horror Movie Survival Guide!!!

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Oct 012018

Happy Gothtober, everyone! Visit the Gothtober Countdown Calendar and CLICK DAY ONE to see today’s offering! 

The calendar went LIVE last night, we always pick newbies for DAY 1, to get you in the mood for fall fun!

It’s time for puppets! It’s time for, specifically, puppets of the two hosts from the “Horror Movie Survival Guide,” Julia Marchese, and Marion Kerr. Created and puppeted by one of their fiercely crafty producers, Teri Gamble, you can watch the 2-D version of our hosts give you expert advice on how to STAY ALIVE when watching horror movies, very good tips!

This information is hard to get and highly prized, we trust you’ll watch, learn, and keep it away from evil forces, demons, flesh-eating zombies, you know, the horror hoi polloi. From oldies back in film’s beginning days, to VHS classics, to more modern creature features, this lively, witty and candid podcast delves deep with insights, minutia, personal anecdotes, and plenty of great facts and figures to boost your horror movie knowledge. For instance, did you know that Piper Laurie’s bible verses in Brian DePalma’s Carrie are all completely fake and made up… but somehow still amazingly believable?

Find all past and future episodes here!

Gothtober Day 2 – The Terror Tunnel, by Rick Orner!

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Oct 022017

Visit and click on DAY 2

Are you up for a haunted attraction involving paranormal activity and partying with the undead? Rick Orner brings to us a P.O.V. simulation of what such a thing might entail. Your car glides on its rails, lurching right, pitching left, each new direction revealing a new spooky tableau!

Do you remember going to the county fair and staring at the terrifying facade of the Haunted House ride? Do you remember it looming over your small frame, it’s metallic edges painted over to resemble decrepit castle stones or rotting wood?

There was always some kind of extra creepy skeleton or Lon Chaney-esque phantom of the opera both beckoning and repelling you to enter the “Bordello of Blood” or “The Ghost Train” or “AmityVille Scareground.”

At age 7 or 8, this was enough to make you want to flail wildly, scream bloody murder, and run in any direction BUT one of these places. But at some point, you’d brave your better sense, get in one of these things and survive, but perhaps not without throwing all your popcorn in the air from being scared so badly. Get that feeling back again as you enter the terror tunnel, maybe have a little cotton candy, or some roasted peanuts.

Dark rides were invented in the late 19th century, often called “pleasure” or “scenic” railways. This is the first one ever designed with Gothtober in mind, we’re thrilled that Rick Orner kept us in the dark, so to speak! please keep all hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times. We don’t want you losing a limb… or do we?

Read Rick Orner’s and other Gothtober contributor’s bios here! 

First Day of Gothtober: Pumpkin Heads, by Fonzie!!!

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Oct 012017

Go to and visit DAY 1 to see “Pumpkin Heads” the movie by FONZIE!

It’s officially pumpkin season! What better way to feel the magic of the squash than with REAL LIVE PUMPKIN HEADS running down your street?!? This sweet friendship film comes to us all the way from Vermont, where the leaves were just starting to change a few weeks ago when this piece was made. Fonzie is the altar ego of Alison McHaffie Bergman, who made this film with her husband (go ukulele!) and some very well-disguised individuals wearing hollowed-out vegetables over their craniums.

FUN FILM MAKER FACT: “As we were shooting our movie, a guy in his car rolled down his window and yelled out “Pumpkin Head!!!” but this piece actually has TWO pumpkin heads, hence the title. 

I asked Alison to share some “Vermontian Fall Finery” with us, and she sent these pictures of some pumpkin innards (omg the innards of one of her film star’s heads!!! So gory!!!), beautiful red leaves, and the Cabot Plains Cemetery, which was established in 1822.

A very Happy Gothtober to Alison and family, thank you for wearing ACTUAL pumpkins on your heads, you really went the distance!

Read Fonzie’s and other Gothtober contributor’s bios here! 


Gothtober Eve 2017

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Sep 302017

We’re throwing the last minute ingredients into the cauldron: Marinated marmot meat, a cheet-o with lots of pins stuck in it, canned nightcrawler worms, deep-fried kitten hearts, some dragon gizzards, some pipe organ parts, and a jar of queso! It’s gonna be a GREAT year of dreadful delicacies, tonight at midnight, if you’ll be so inclined, check it out the second it launches, and if you’ll be asleep… well then check out while sipping your pumpkin spiced coffee on the morning of Gothtober 1st! See you on the other side!

Apply for Gothtober by August 29th!

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Aug 152017


Halloween stuff is starting to appear in overzealous stores, and you know what that means: It is time to apply for Gothtober’s “Quinciniera” commemorating fifteen years of bone-chilling, neck-hair raising, eyeball widening, throat-screaming, frightening, funny, strange, mysterious and hideous/beautiful artworks from all across the ghoulish globe.
Want to know more details?
Fill out the Gothtober Application August 29th:
Participants will be notified of admission on September 1st, 2017.

Upon acceptance, a $25 registration fee is required.

Get more details about this year’s theme and technical details by reading The Official 2017 FAQ.


DAY 11’s Spirit Animal from Trixy Sweetvittles

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Oct 112016
An action shot of Trixy recording sound in her closet.

An action shot of Trixy recording sound in her closet.

Visit and click on DAY 11 for a trippy glimpse of a fascinating creature of the mind!

It is with great pleasure that we offer you some psychedelic experimental animation from Professor Trixy Sweetvittles! She performs, sculpts, makes films and shows others how to do it, she’s a multimedia maker filmer teacher superstar!

You can find her at USC being a badass, but in the meantime, here’s a Gothtober Goodie for you to watch. Here’s what Trixy has to say about the inspiration for this piece:

The animation features my very own Spirit Guide who came to me during a groovy visualization meditation exercise. When this weird skinny red creature with a giant throbbing brain appeared, I was a little shocked and disappointed that my special spirit guide looked like a scary little demon instead of an ethereal goddess. I have since come to enjoy and appreciate the cute little bugger’s place in my head.

Let it be known that inspiration rarely takes the form of something sensible. When you imagine your spirit guide, try to keep an open mind. Guidance, when it arrives, will most probably arrive from unexpected sources in forms barely recognized or understood. It’s not the white dove or the electric wolf or the lightning strike that usually brings the epiphanies, it’s usually something mundane like forgetting to buy toilet paper for the 26th time.

Gothtober 2016 Applications CLOSED!

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Aug 302016


Gothtober 2016 Applications are now closed.
The Gothtober team will now begin an intensive period of rumination, with the final selection of contributors for this year’s calendar being posted in just a few days.

Many thanks to all creeps, cryptkeepers, golems and ghouls who have applied! – Gothtober MGMT

3 Days Left to Apply for Gothtober!

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Aug 262016

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 7.00.51 PMTHREE DAYS!!!

Read the Gothtober FAQ


Apply for Gothtober NOW!


You don’t need to be an artist with a paintbrush to be a Gothtober contributor, as the calendar is comprised of recipes, slideshows, photography, live action, music, drawings, videos, recorded nonsense, crafts, and more!

Often it is said that art is for dealers and galleries when really, art is for you and I.

Art is for everyone, and everyone can make art. All ages can contribute.

Gothtober itself is creative love: a human endeavor that pokes an everyday person to experience risk, change, generosity, connection, and creativity. If you think you don’t have time to do something for Gothtober, you are probably right, which also means you should do it more than ever. You make something that goes out into the world, and it changes the world in teeny tiny ways, and maybe even in larger ways you could never foresee and cannot control.

This is the critical statement that Gothtober makes to the world: a platform for contributors to have the creative freedom to bring forth an attempt at connection with our fellow humans. You might not like what all of our contributors have to say, but that is part of its impact, and we stand by it 100%

We ask you to commit. We ask you to make a leap of faith for yourself and your creative process. We ask you to quit making excuses and make a thing. Ignore the naysayers, the doubters, the doubts, and overcome the resistance!

What can Gothtober provide for you? We can provide a little piece of real estate with some pretty lax rules, and we can give you a hard deadline. We host everything ourselves on our private server, protecting you from censorship and the shackles of paid sponsorship.

Gothtober calls to you, it’s a collective project that is strange, sharable, and free. It doesn’t have focus groups, it doesn’t make money, it’s pure nonsense, and it is what’s desperately needed in the here and now!




Gothtober Applications are OPEN!!!

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Aug 052016


The sleuce gates are OPEN! Let the glorious pumpkin orange sewage BEGIN!!!

Gothtober is an online countdown calendar to Halloween, it’s got 31 doors, behind each door is a contributor. We hope one of those contributors will be YOU! The calendar is filled with creepy crawly goodies, from short films, to print-outs, to slideshow presentations, music, crafts, recipes and more!

This year’s theme: Metamorphosis

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to read up on the theme and get your questions answered about all things Gothtober.

Read the Gothtober FAQ


Apply for Gothtober NOW!


Throw the White Pumpkin at The Earth! • Day 31

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Oct 312015

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 7.48.31 PM


Our final treat in the Gothtober Line-Up this year is from the Family Waller in Los Angeles, California. There are three Waller kids, and each one in this film has a dream after having too much candy. Footage from these miraculous dreams involves sweets, dolls, space travel, dirt, and a white pumpkin. The Waller family came together to make this film to let you know that if YOU eat too much candy, you might also experience vivid, sugar-laden visions, so be careful how many Junior Mints you eat before going to sleep! It’s kind of a cosmic cowboy PSA for the times we live in, feel free to sing along at the end!

We’d like to thank all of you out there who followed us until the very last day of October, and we’d like to pat on the back every skeleton, ghost, monster, and all of the other crawly screamy freaky things who made this year a great success. Thank you for being part of our 13th endeavor, dirt and worms for you all!

Head Candy Corn, JP