Honeylabs Broadway Gothtober Day 4

Visit Gothtober and Click Day 4 to experience a Broadway Ghost Melody!

Today’s Gothtober piece has it all, if having it all looks like a live-action felt mid-century-esque haunted trick-or-treating scene that ends in a – spoiler alert! – Broadway twist.

“The ghost marionettes are especially spirited as they jauntily make their way down the avenue. And we can all appreciate the camp of an inebriated shawl-laden Barbie-mom, and a crazed showtimes fanatic who won’t let you leave their orbit,” Head Candy Corn Julianna (JP) Parr says. “This is a cautionary tale for those who would blithely ignore the advice of their parents.”

“Also never sneak into the home of a musical theatre aficionado who seems just a bit too keen to have you there,” she adds. “It’s a sure sign they may never let you depart and may possibly be a demon or some other such cryptic parasitical being just barely existing on the edges of supernatural society, one Rogers & Hammerstein song after the other. You may find yourself trapped in ‘Brigadoon’ indefinitely.”

Honeylabs Productions made its multimedia Gothtober debut back in 2020 with a black-and-white ghost detective short and its follow up in 2021 with a killer cherry pie. Ghosts, puppets, and music come together at last in their third short, expertly shot by Kara Stephens and edited by the amazing Kristoffer May.

More frequently, Honeylabs, a live theatre company from Linda Pinda and Nancy K, performs at the Cavern Club Celebrity Theatre. Linda lovingly made each felt piece in this film by hand, and you can tour more of the village on Instagram.