The Honeylabs for Gothtober Day 8!

The Bradbury is the city’s oldest landmarked building.

Gothtober DAY 8!
From Downtown Los Angeles, in ghostly form, it’s THE HONEYLABS!!! If you’ve a hankering for some well known tunes from one of the most celebrated song duos of yacht rock fame, you’re in for a treat! Follow the Ghost Detectives to solve the mystery of what’s going on with Sarah Smile! Starring Linda Santiman and Nancy Kissam, these two play aspirational apparitions on a quest for better supernatural communication skills!

So how did they go about making their Gothtober piece? All is revealed:

We know you used a LOT of Hall and Oates songs, were there any you left out, or is there one that is your favorite Hall and Oates song of all time?
We did not use “She’s Gone!” That would have worked here too! 

Where did you shoot your movie scenes?
We shot around the Bradbury Building downtown, my favorite DTLA building because of Blade Runner! 

Built in 1893, the five-story Bradbury building is best known for its extraordinary skylit atrium of access walkways, stairs and elevators, and their ornate ironwork.

Did anyone bug you or try to get in the shot or ask you questions or try to bust you for a film permit?
This guy cleaning the courtyard in back said we couldn’t film on the steps of the building behind it because of its famous location. But we filmed all around it.
One guy came around the corner and thought Nancy and I were mannequins in our vintage hats! We startled him a bit when we moved! 

What did you make the puppet sticks out of? Popsicle? Chopsticks? 
Puppet sticks were rulers I stole from school because I’m a teacher.  I intended to return them but then Covid.  So yes, I guess I stole them.

LA Ghosts for DAY 16


Day 16 of features the night antics of a couple of wayward ghosts on their way to somewhere else. The film is called “Terminus” having to do with the termination of life, along with the terminals we wait in while we’re taking whatever journeys both life and death require of us.

Shot in and around Vernon and 26th St. of Los Angeles, the ghosts make their way in and around the belly of the city. They go a-haunting among diesel engines, intermodal containers, and corridors of active and forgotten tracks.

Julianna Parr does Gothtober artwork under the guise of Danny Torrance, Ichabod Brains, and other pseudonyms. She is head Candy Corn of the Gothtober Countdown Calendar.

Scare LA: Coming to YOU August 10th-11th, 2013


Right smack dab in the middle of Downtown LA will be something you don’t want to miss in early August, a grand display of all things terribly wrong (which means it’s terribly right in Gothtober terms) in the name of jack o’ lanterns, vampire teeth, zombies and more! It’s the very first Los Angeles convention dedicated to Halloween! It’s SCARE LA!!! 

Rub shoulders with some of the titans of spooky special effects, learn how to turn your house into an awe-inspiring domain of intrigue and terror, a haunt of no return! You could talk to Garner Holt, who has built thousands of figures for all of Southern California’s major theme parks as well as casinos, museums, restaurants and retail stores around the world. This guy got started in animatronics from building his own backyard haunted house years ago, and now he wants to share his knowledge! This is just the tip of the coffin, there is so much more buried under the surface, go see!

Here is the FULL SCHEDULE of classes and workshops at Scare LA, from how to carve tombstones to costume aging and distressing techniques. Learn how to make custom music for haunted attractions, attend a workshop on haunted maze design, see how to do casting and molding, make zombie prosthetics. There are even “Green Halloween” and “Upcycling your Halloween” workshops!

Exhibitors will be showcasing their freaky stuff, there will be haunt experiences, roaming monsters, and a screening room with some great stuff on it from local horror filmmakers and premiere attraction previews!

GET TICKETS! One-day tickets are $25 and $45, and weekend passes are $45 and $75. The higher, “Fear Freak” prices provide preferred seating and access to classes and workshops. The venue is at 1933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles. (aka LA Mart, a 724,000-square-foot home design center with plenty of showroom space)


These are the Undead People in Your Neighborhood! Gothtober DAY 11

Look over there… wandering… slowly walking… bloodthirsty… ZOMBIES!!! Click on Gothtober Pumpkin #11 and experience the thrilling dismay and scintillating misgivings of Pinkee Lee Estrange and Lenore Colina’s “Trick or Treat” an old timey movie starring some very hungry corpses in need of BRAINS!!! What would normally be a pretty standard errand for a pair of zombies, however, turns out to be more arduous than expected, as you will see from watching the film.
A Gothtober merit award goes out to the actors (Aubrie Davis and Brian Grover) who played the zombies because they consented to ACTUALLY BEING BURIED IN THE GROUND for the opening scene. This puts them in league with many fine method actors, but especially Sissy Spacek who insisted on being stuck in a box and buried in the ground in order to film the super creepy end scene for “Carrie.” Brian DePalma refused to bury her himself, and got her husband to do it.

I had her husband bury her because I certainly didn’t want to bury her. I used to walk around and set up the shot and every once in a while we’d hear Sissy: ‘Are we ready yet?’ ‘Yeah, Sissy, we’re going to be ready real soon.”

Pinkee said that she dug the first grave in the front yard where the zombies live and she accidentally ran into some REMAINS! The previously existing plot held the skeleton of a family pet long buried quite awhile ago from the look of it. Pinkee apologized profusely, put the remains back and dug in a different spot! Gothtober would like to thank the ghosty dog for being an inordinate part of the artistic endeavors of our Gothtober contributors. The film involved two days of shooting, and every scene was shot in Silverlake or Echo Park in beautiful Los Angeles, CA.
I asked Pinkee if there any hazards associated with directing the undead and the response was surprising:

Mostly I was just really worried about fingers getting slammed in the door!

I’m sure the zombies would just think it was finger-eatin’ good.