Gothtober 2022! Anthony Leyva Day 1

Welcome to GOTHTOBER 2022, marking both the start of spooky season (jk, it’s always spooky season) and 20 years of Gothtober!

Gothtober now opens each year with a piece from an artist who has never before been featured. It’s a new month, a new beginning, so it makes sense to open with a new person! Continuing the tradition for 2022, Anthony Leyva is getting us started with his piece.

What do you need to know about Anthony? If he were a color he would be silver. He works at an escape room, which lets him escape into his creative endeavors. He reads tarot. He can spin the heck out of a sign.

“I picked Anthony because he seemed up for the adventure,” Head Candy Corn Julianna (JP) Parr says. “He reads tarot, is interested in meeting different kinds of people and having excellent conversations. Generally he has a brightness and sense of fun that compelled me to ask him, ‘Hey wanna be part of this crazy thing?’”

Check out The Gothtober Countdown Calendar and select Day 1 to see Anthony’s (warning: puns) short film. Then when you’re done with that, check out his instagram. and then when you’re done with that come back here tomorrow for day two!

Gothtober 2018 OPENS with Horror Movie Survival Guide!!!

Happy Gothtober, everyone! Visit the Gothtober Countdown Calendar and CLICK DAY ONE to see today’s offering! 

The calendar went LIVE last night, we always pick newbies for DAY 1, to get you in the mood for fall fun!

It’s time for puppets! It’s time for, specifically, puppets of the two hosts from the “Horror Movie Survival Guide,” Julia Marchese, and Marion Kerr. Created and puppeted by one of their fiercely crafty producers, Teri Gamble, you can watch the 2-D version of our hosts give you expert advice on how to STAY ALIVE when watching horror movies, very good tips!

This information is hard to get and highly prized, we trust you’ll watch, learn, and keep it away from evil forces, demons, flesh-eating zombies, you know, the horror hoi polloi. From oldies back in film’s beginning days, to VHS classics, to more modern creature features, this lively, witty and candid podcast delves deep with insights, minutia, personal anecdotes, and plenty of great facts and figures to boost your horror movie knowledge. For instance, did you know that Piper Laurie’s bible verses in Brian DePalma’s Carrie are all completely fake and made up… but somehow still amazingly believable?

Find all past and future episodes here!

Madea is BACK to Haunt your FACE with Boo2!

This Halloween just keeps getting better and better, with Stranger Things Season 2, SpongeBob’s Halloween Special, and Madea in the mix makes for another reason to just keep watching all the fims and TV shows in October! This is the TENTH Madea movie, something to think about while you wonder where your life is going and what you are doing.

Horrific and Fantastic, Mellowcreme Style! • Day 28

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 7.22.12 PM

Mellocreme Fairchild III invites you to gaze upon 13 paintings from the human race that explore the horrors, the darkness, the eerie and the depraved. Please look, take a gander, dance with your fears in a safe way upon this little gem of monstrosities and unsettling moments. Some of these images are freakishly weird and threatening, others are more subtle, but explore deeply important themes of our times: past, present and future.

For to see these things is to see a truth that is sitting just below the surface, the patina of contentedness can only last so long, and the sheer terror of breathing in and breathing out bathes you in a cool, terrified sweat. In a world constantly trying to lie about the terrors of living and making everything appear to be “just fine” here instead is a refreshing collection of reminders that maybe every cloud has a bloody lining, not a silver one.