Gothtober Day 23: Jenny Walsh

Visit and click on DAY 23 to see turbulent, fast-moving HAUNTED action from Jenny Walsh!
How do you feel about pirate zombies, skulls, tarantulas, severed heads with pipes going through them, video games, and the DJ with a cult-like following: Bassnectar? Well, you’re gonna find out! It’s crazy, it’s creepy, it’s IN YOUR FACE! And it’s here for Gothtober!
Find out more about Jenny Walsh  here! 

Zombie PSA • Gothtober DAY 6

zombie_style Have you been feeling okay? Visit and click on Book 6, the one titled Tom Slayer. If you’re not feeling quite right, you might want to check out this informational pamphlet that gives you some useful tips on the symptoms you are experiencing this Halloween.

Saida Staudenmaier has quite the touch with the makeup brush, her site has some other Gothtoberesque photos on it, plus stuff from many of her other professional endeavors, check it out! Saida is quite fond of zombie makeup, she actually did a series of portraits based on the dearly departed, everyone looks a tad “stale” in an alluring yet repelling way that only Saida could truly master.

Hat’s off also to Jennifer Wenzlaff, the “main zombie” in this piece. Gothtober is powered by SparkleBlob, a multidisciplinary arts and performance  collective, your Head Candy Corn is Executive Director. Jen is on the SparkleBlob Board of Directors, and we think that this photo of her really shows you what SparkleBlob is all about, doesn’t she look great? Most importantly, she looks like she’s recently eaten brains, so we can breathe easy… for now.

Zombie Throat Punch • Gothtober DAY 17

We’ve seen a lot of helpful information about how to escape zombies if you are human. But how do you escape zombies if you’re another zombie? Or are you just unlucky if you’re a zombie and you both have different goals in mind for your productive day? LB Forever found some zombies and filmed them in action.

Visit Gothtober DAY 17 and click on luggage 17 if you want a glimpse of how sometimes, zombies just get annoyed with each other. As slow-moving and hygiene-absent as they are, they’ve still got stuff to do, and even the most undead person sometimes gets exasperated.


Something for Everyone on Gothtober DAY 22

Blue monster’s lonely castle

If you like birds, projection booths, lonely castles, hot air balloons and disco dancing zombies, never fear, DAY 22 is here!
Kristen Pepe does it again! With a wonderful little film absolutely packed with really cool monsters and cats, skilled and pretty color combinations, and some totally fantastic pop culture reference clues that make this short film enjoyable for everyone! For instance: did you notice the Night of the Comet movie poster in the theater where the projectionist bird works? There’s also reference to a certain teen witch, as well as some zombies who come out to play.

This piece is not unlike the sitcom Three’s Company in that there is a misunderstanding of a situation (in this case, Blue Monster doesn’t understand that Halloween isn’t about getting bullied, it’s about dressing up and having mischievous fun) and calamity ensues. There is plenty of calamity, and heartwarming selflessness as friends help each other, and there’s even a few spells you want to remember.

If you’re hidden away in your lonely castle, don’t end up like the Phantom of the Opera, come out and play with us this Halloween!

These are the Undead People in Your Neighborhood! Gothtober DAY 11

Look over there… wandering… slowly walking… bloodthirsty… ZOMBIES!!! Click on Gothtober Pumpkin #11 and experience the thrilling dismay and scintillating misgivings of Pinkee Lee Estrange and Lenore Colina’s “Trick or Treat” an old timey movie starring some very hungry corpses in need of BRAINS!!! What would normally be a pretty standard errand for a pair of zombies, however, turns out to be more arduous than expected, as you will see from watching the film.
A Gothtober merit award goes out to the actors (Aubrie Davis and Brian Grover) who played the zombies because they consented to ACTUALLY BEING BURIED IN THE GROUND for the opening scene. This puts them in league with many fine method actors, but especially Sissy Spacek who insisted on being stuck in a box and buried in the ground in order to film the super creepy end scene for “Carrie.” Brian DePalma refused to bury her himself, and got her husband to do it.

I had her husband bury her because I certainly didn’t want to bury her. I used to walk around and set up the shot and every once in a while we’d hear Sissy: ‘Are we ready yet?’ ‘Yeah, Sissy, we’re going to be ready real soon.”

Pinkee said that she dug the first grave in the front yard where the zombies live and she accidentally ran into some REMAINS! The previously existing plot held the skeleton of a family pet long buried quite awhile ago from the look of it. Pinkee apologized profusely, put the remains back and dug in a different spot! Gothtober would like to thank the ghosty dog for being an inordinate part of the artistic endeavors of our Gothtober contributors. The film involved two days of shooting, and every scene was shot in Silverlake or Echo Park in beautiful Los Angeles, CA.
I asked Pinkee if there any hazards associated with directing the undead and the response was surprising:

Mostly I was just really worried about fingers getting slammed in the door!

I’m sure the zombies would just think it was finger-eatin’ good.