Artist, Eva, Starts off Gothtober 2021!!!

Gourds and Goths, START YOUR ENGINES!!!!

This is just a lil’ preview of the entire image. Visit Gothtober and click on DAY ONE to see it Allll.

Gothtober has begunnnnnn! The very first day of the calendar starts with a lovely drawing by artist, Eva Azenaro Acero. Here’s what Eva had to say about this kickass illustration they made:

“For this year’s gothtober theme, Truckstop, I decided to go with a trucker witch! She drives across the country with her familiars -cyclops cats, embodiments of the three fates- looking for haunted places to explore. I used procreate for this piece, and added in a few little gears because if she’s not brewing up a potion, this little witch loves working on her truck!”

Wanna see some more great work from Eva? Check out this recent set of scrawls in no less than the New Yorker! And if you want to follow their process and see MORE beautiful lines and colors, check out their ol’ INSTA!

Happy Gothtober everyone! Right now we have the MOST Gothtober in front of us, can’t WAIT to see what each day reveals!

It’s an Ollie Gothtober Day 3!

Welcome to DAY 3 of the Gothtober Countdown Calendar! Ya ya go click on day 3!

We asked Ollie about this charming autumn vignette and here’s the scoop:

These Halloween Kitties were made using Procreate on an iPad, which is what I’ve been learning on during quarantine!

They’re based on the feral floofs that like to lounge in our backyard. (I love them so much 😭💖😭)For this piece they are hanging out in Joshua Tree because I miss visiting it (and also because cactus and Joshua Trees are really fun to draw!)

I love drawing deserts because they’re the complete opposite of the landscape I grew up w/ on the east coast 🤗

Henry’s Kittens are Meowing! • DAY 13

amiga_catGlorious weirdness greets you for Gothtober DAY 13 (the book titled Witchful Thinking) from Canadian superstar animator, Amy Lockhart!  She lives in Guelph. where its very fall – like canada style – crisp/cold and rainy. This piece was made on Amiga Emulator with Dpaint software that was used in old animations – atari style (80s) giving it that good ol’ 8-bit tiny squares of goodness feeling from the days of Rubiks Cubes and magnetic cassette tapes. About this awesome animation, Amy says:

I was visiting LA, at Paul and Lecie and Francis’s place. The Wallers came over – Henry seemed a little shy, they mentioned the idea – maybe Trixy was there too – she told Henry he should ask me to animate it, ha. Anyways – I wanted to pretend it was a Hollywood meeting (ok maybe just a joke in my head) so I showed Henry some of my boobmilk, peeing and pooing animations to see if he wanted to work with me, he was into it then I storyboarded it.

Amy is considering providing a new service to the world, working with kids and making  animations of their perverse visions. Gothtober couldn’t agree more. The voices of children are often ignored or homogenized into commercial versions of the originals that feel more comfortable or marketable to grownups, who don’t want to think that kids can have wild and crazy ideas. We’re so thrilled that this one is out in the world, we hope it inspires more collaborations with kids, art, artists, parents, and artists-to-be.

Something for Everyone on Gothtober DAY 22

Blue monster’s lonely castle

If you like birds, projection booths, lonely castles, hot air balloons and disco dancing zombies, never fear, DAY 22 is here!
Kristen Pepe does it again! With a wonderful little film absolutely packed with really cool monsters and cats, skilled and pretty color combinations, and some totally fantastic pop culture reference clues that make this short film enjoyable for everyone! For instance: did you notice the Night of the Comet movie poster in the theater where the projectionist bird works? There’s also reference to a certain teen witch, as well as some zombies who come out to play.

This piece is not unlike the sitcom Three’s Company in that there is a misunderstanding of a situation (in this case, Blue Monster doesn’t understand that Halloween isn’t about getting bullied, it’s about dressing up and having mischievous fun) and calamity ensues. There is plenty of calamity, and heartwarming selflessness as friends help each other, and there’s even a few spells you want to remember.

If you’re hidden away in your lonely castle, don’t end up like the Phantom of the Opera, come out and play with us this Halloween!

The Most Dangerous Show on Earth: Gothtober Day 13

The Vampire Ringmaster of The Halloween Circus!

It’s death-defying, it’s stupefying, it’s THE MOST INCREDIBLE SHOW YOU’LL EVER SEE! And it’s all visible by clicking Gothtober Pumpkin #13!!! The Gump Family has done it again with a spectacle you’ll not want to miss this Spooky season!

Michael Gump of BananaBee Lab has wrangled the Gump household and friends into making a marvelous pageant of colorful Halloween Circus display.  You’ll see trained spiders! (I think they’re saying “yummy yummy” is that correct?) You’ll see the Strongest Monster,  you’ll see the funny clowns and SO MUCH MORE!

The master of ceremonies is voiced by the young and amazing Arrow Gump, and you can hear his (also quite amazing) younger sister Pixie in the background providing dynamic fanfare! Daddy Gump can be heard as various characters, and Mama Gump was doing a bit of puppetry here and there.

Joel and JJ Day Departments helped with the camera magic, and Grapejuice helped edit the thing into the fast-paced, action-packed showstopper that it is today.

Apparently, Arrow walked up to his Dad and said “Dad, we’re doing The Halloween Circus this year” and so the project began with all the making and doing that goes along with building a circus! Gotta put up the tents, water the um… crocodiles and get those skeletons and spiders in line! This family really knows how to put on a show.

I hear that Halloween circuses are especially challenging since half of the staff is nocturnal, which is also something that Gothtober has here at the headquarters, a succinct inability to regulate decent circadian rhythms, and such is the life of vampires.  Anyway, go see The Halloween Circus, it’s a rousing success, you can watch it over and over again and it just keeps getting more exciting!

The Gump Family during Halloween of 2011