Gothtober Day 31: Bona Bones Closes Out Gothtober 2017

Visit and click on DAY 31 to see the VERY LAST DAY of Gothtober 2017 by Bona Bones!
Enjoy this lovingly mellow animated situation where a conjurer fixates on makings that suit the appetite. It’s not just fun to watch, it’s a treat for the ears as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to not open and close the fridge every time you wanted a snack, but just have the power to bring forth a snack from wherever using your powers? Ah, it would be nice, yes it would. Find out more about Bona Bones HERE! 
And that concludes our calendar of options, our artist show-off-a-rama for the Halloween season! Happy Halloween, eat all the candy, chop off all the fingers, and lick all the toads!

Gothtober Day 30: Print-n-Fold Card from THE STIG!

Visit and click on DAY 30 to get a printable, foldable Halloween greeting card from The Stig!
If you like Bassett Hounds, you’ll love The Stig, he’s the most famous hound we know. He’s got a big following, so this card goes out to fans old and new! The card depicts The Stig in front of a beautiful orange harvest moon, levitating with the power of bat wings! Is this a vampire dog? Could be…

Gothtober Day 28: Del Norte’s Tips for Better Living

Visit and click on DAY 28 to understand, for better or for worse, what it takes to not totally ruin your Holiday Halloween plans. From not blendering your appendages into a whirly mush or using your ear canal as a pencil sharpener, Del Norte makes a lot of sense. They KNOW what they’re talking about, demonstrated by the uh… limbs and various body parts strewn and placed about this stern PSA!
I’m glad they’ve brought awareness to these issues, I don’t know how we’ve survived this long without these examples! Read up and have a safe time when it’s All Hallow’s Eve, and don’t forget to NOT pickle yer own fingers!!!

Gothtober Day 27: A Recipe from the Kitchen of Yuki Okada

Visit and click on DAY 27 to get a rather tasty recipe from Yuki Okada, author and illustrator of Arya Bakes a Pie, which is her website hosting recipes inspired by the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” You can look up recipes by course, OR by house, so for Gothtober, she decided to share with us a recipe from House Stark!
All these recipes have been cooked, tested, written, designed and illustrated by Yuki who is really adept at doing all of the things just listed.
For this particular recipe, she made multiple savory pies and tested the recipe oh… I dunno, like FIVE TIMES to get just the right technique and ingredients! It’s a biggie deep dish pie, you gotta use a springform pan, which is a lil’ advanced, but totally worth it. As the days get shorter and cooler, you’re gonna need a pie like this one to get you through winter because… winter is coming.

Gothtober Day 24: Stop Motion Magic with Ignis Fatua

Visit and click on DAY 24 to see some lovely residential stop-motion film from Ignis Fatua!
There is so much to see in this arresting interior/exterior adventure! Watch the scene turn from night to day and back again, the curtains billow, everyday items perform mundane activities… or do they?
“It is a tragedie, exploring the possible inner lives of the objects around us and our unknown impact on them.”
And here it is for you to see, lovingly put together with gorgeous animated water colors, puppetry, sculpture and more.
Find out more about Ignis Fatua  here! 

Gothtober Day 23: Jenny Walsh

Visit and click on DAY 23 to see turbulent, fast-moving HAUNTED action from Jenny Walsh!
How do you feel about pirate zombies, skulls, tarantulas, severed heads with pipes going through them, video games, and the DJ with a cult-like following: Bassnectar? Well, you’re gonna find out! It’s crazy, it’s creepy, it’s IN YOUR FACE! And it’s here for Gothtober!
Find out more about Jenny Walsh  here! 

Gothtober Day 21: Mike Rainey!

Visit and click on DAY 21 to watch a strange, fantastic and beautiful little film by Mike Rainey!
Listen to the strings ebb and flow as a mysterious individual carves a small jack o’ lantern. What was once a stationery and unmoving object is sent out into the world by its creator.
Here is a statement from the artist regarding this work:

“Many people face monsters every day, monsters who wear the faces of respectable, mainstream people. Monsters who diminish life, who steal joy and pollute existence because they feel entitled to take, without empathy or consideration.

Halloween is a time when we can take away the power of monsters by naming them, looking at them, mocking them. I hope this piece can in some small way help to diminish the power of monsters.”

Find out more about Mike Rainey  here! 

Gothtober Day 20: Dancing with Cindy and Barry Morse!

Visit and click on DAY 20 to see an adorable yellow-dressed sweetheart!
It’s true that pennies are a girl’s best friend, and here to prove it with her umbrella and pigtails is smiling, four-year-old Cindy!
“Pennies from Heaven” was made one of the biggest hits of the 1930s by none other than Bing Crosby. The melody was composed by Arthur Johnston with lyrics by Johnny Burke. It was then recorded by many famous artists, such as Billy Holiday, Frank Sinatra, and Louis Prima (to name a few) but the Skyliners made it a hit again with their version in 1960.

Pennies from heaven are a sign of serendipity, it is said that no matter how badly it rains, this too shall pass, and good things are just around the corner. One just has to wait out the storm. This was an especially optimistic sentiment for the depression era, when the song came out.


Such a song still resonates today, which is why it’s such a beloved classic.
And you know, it’s kind of hard to mope with Cindy dancin’ around in her tapping shoes, go go Cindy! Come to think of it… she’s got pretty strong arms, she’s kinda ripped! I bet she can weather any storm!

Find out more about Cindy and Barry Morse  here!