Mollusk Among Us • Billy Kheel DAY 22


It’s a squid, it’s a recipe! It’s a recipe, it’s a squid! You may or may not know what we’re talking about, which means you should visit Gothtober Day 22. 

Billy Kheel makes incredibly detailed and intricate artworks in the felt appliqué genre, often super hot clever macho stuff like shotguns for babies who hunt, forgotten shopping carts in the LA River, giant majestic swordfish, and valiant football players. Billy is working on a cookbook with his wonderful wife, Marina. They collaborated together to bring you the best in food and art together in one fantastic coloring page.

If you’re going to meet a cephalopod face to face, we recommend this one, never mind the fangs. 

And you know how we feel about coloring. It’s good for your health. Don’t roll your eyes! It’s an inexpensive and fun hobby that boosts your self esteem and sense of accomplishment, it relaxes and de-stresses you and encourages your mind to wander and daydream. So please: download, print and color in your squid page! And then go get your garlic, your butter, your parmesan, your squash and your squid ink pasta and get cookin! Also, if you want to know more, visit Billy’s site, there are tacos and Silverlake foot sign ornaments.

DIY Mobile of Madness • Nockels DAY 18

arachneNormally, to come in contact with the characters featured for Gothtober DAY 18, you’d have to do stuff like drown in some water, go climbing up snowy precipices, join a cult, or go wandering alone through vampiric-laden parts of Thailand. But Christine Nockels made it really easy for you, you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. They’re all right here for you to download, color, cut and assemble into a mishmash of terrifying creatures who have probably never met each other until now!

One of these creatures is a mythical amphibious monster inhabiting inland waterways. Still another is a nocturnal female spirit of Southeast Asian folklore.

There are no less than EIGHT wonderfully drawn incarnations of beautifully creepy and odd beings in the collection.

If you are wondering “How can I make a mobile, I don’t understand!” It just so happens we’ve got just what you need right here on the good ol’ internet! Follow these instructions and you should have a pretty lovely terrifying mobile at the end of your efforts.

Carl C. Jung was one of the first psychologists to realize how beneficial coloring is for the human mind. Coloring is like a type of meditation, forcing you to hone your attention down to the task of filling in selected spaces with color, taking your mind off of lots of other things, including stressful things. We’re glad Christine chose a series of horrible legendary bloodthirsty beings for you to color, otherwise you might get TOO relaxed this Halloween, and we wouldn’t want that.


Coloring Pages for Big People • DAY 17

coloring_for_growniesEveryone knows that there’s Milan SS Ready to Wear… and then there’s coloring pages for grown-ups. I think you know which one you can’t live without, so please, don’t delay, and download Coloring Pages for Gothtober Day 17!!!

From the pointed pens and pencils of the talented Stephanie Abler arrives some relaxing images that you can download, print, and color to your heart’s content. The subject matter is really choice, make sure to investigate, you will be rewarded with artistic riches!

Coloring is really therapeutic. If you color, you avoid stressful situations like throwing a frozen ham out the window. Seriously, to have your brain slow down and focus on the task at hand, picking out colors, filling in segments, it’s very gratifying, and very calming. It’s good for your motor skills, it’s good for your eyeballs, you can color neat or messy, you can color inside the lines or make new lines and color outside of those, your individuality can shine.

Stephanie also encourages you to share how you decide to color the pages, so we hope you will!

DAY 4: Gothtober Coloring Contest!!!


For ALL AGES, the Gothtober Coloring Contest is HERE! Visit click on DAY 4, download and print your pumpkin page. Color it, send it in! DROP DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 25th!!! 

What will your jack’o’lantern look like? Will it have a scene? Will it be the face of an unknown monster, a spirit being, a scary politician?

We have FIVE DIVISIONS and we know you fit into one of them… unless you’re a vampire or some other form of undead, and if that’s the case, contact us. We will make a special division just for you.


  • Kitten Pumpkins – 5 and under 
  • Pumpkin Scouts – 6 to 10 
  • Tweens-n-Teens – 11 to 17 
  • Logan’s Runners – 18 to 30 
  • Bladerunners – 30 to 125 

Each Division will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize Ribbons, as well as some very special Gothtober Treats! Prepare to win bizarre and inventive gift baskets containing specialty items hand-picked by Gothtober MONSTERS! Coloring Contest Winners will be announced and showcased on this blog on Gothtober 29th!

Photo Bombing Crocodile, Mad Lib Haiku and MORE for DAY 10

running_scared Look no further for your Nero and Haiku-themed word games, as well as a bonus coloring page featuring a photo bombing crocodile!

Gothtober’s DAY 9 (The book on the shelf titled Wuthering Frights) will help you download these hand-illustrated goodies by artist and illustrator, Stephanie Abler.
The name MAD LIBS is legally registered, and for lack of a better word, that’s what we’ll use here, but people have been playing this word game for eons, you don’t have to buy them at the store, you can make your own! Stephanie took matters into her own hands and made some for us. Here’s what she had to say about it:

I remember at least a couple of family gatherings from my childhood when my mom wrote mad libs for us, and we did them and just laughed hysterically. The absurd ideas that mad libs produce really delight me.

It’s hard to come up with something that weird on purpose because we naturally make connections that make sense. It takes a situation with an unknown context, like a mad lib, to come up with an idea that’s truly random.

I also love mad libs because they show how imaginative people are; when we listen to a mad lib, our minds will make meaning out of totally unreal statements.

Stephanie lives in Walnut Creek, California, where it is indeed getting cooler:

It’s been in the 80’s and 90’s in Walnut Creek. Hotter than I expected for this time of year. But since the leaves are changing and the angle of the sunlight is shifting, you can still tell it’s fall.