It’s an Ollie Gothtober Day 3!

Welcome to DAY 3 of the Gothtober Countdown Calendar! Ya ya go click on day 3!

We asked Ollie about this charming autumn vignette and here’s the scoop:

These Halloween Kitties were made using Procreate on an iPad, which is what I’ve been learning on during quarantine!

They’re based on the feral floofs that like to lounge in our backyard. (I love them so much 😭💖😭)For this piece they are hanging out in Joshua Tree because I miss visiting it (and also because cactus and Joshua Trees are really fun to draw!)

I love drawing deserts because they’re the complete opposite of the landscape I grew up w/ on the east coast 🤗

Gothtober Day 30: Print-n-Fold Card from THE STIG!

Visit and click on DAY 30 to get a printable, foldable Halloween greeting card from The Stig!
If you like Bassett Hounds, you’ll love The Stig, he’s the most famous hound we know. He’s got a big following, so this card goes out to fans old and new! The card depicts The Stig in front of a beautiful orange harvest moon, levitating with the power of bat wings! Is this a vampire dog? Could be…

DAY 23: Lycanthropy Saturday!

For some people, a Saturday night isn’t just a simple night of partying, they’ve got to be aware of what condition the MOON is in before they get any ideas, as the town will get painted red all right, but not in the way you might think.

Jenny Walsh sends up a superbly animated piece that gives us a window into the world of another… a hairy, hungry supernatural being in a city you may have heard of in your geography books. This is Jenny’s 7th consecutive piece for Gothtober, we’re thrilled as always to unveil her work for you to see tonight.

Take me to London…