Auntie Lyla hosts Gothtober Day 5!

Today’s amusement behind Gothtober Day 5 is an amuse bouche of selected items from America’s favorite Texan, Auntie Lyla KaRug. Gothtober’s Head Candy Corn called up this Cooterville celebrity to ask her a little bit about what went into making this enjoyable mini movie. Here’s the info!

Where was this filmed? 
This scene was filmed in Aunt Lyla’s nephew Jeff’ry’s bathroom, where she has been quarantining since March, unable(willing) to travel back to Cooterville.

What’s the musical track?
The public domain song that the universe offered up to Beaver to use when he was editing the piece.

How many mask shots ended up on the cutting room floor?
The carnage was brutal.  There was that whole 1950s kitchen fruit pattern series disaster…  And don’t even bring up the attempt to make masks out of old costume fabric from the attic of the Kirk Douglas Theater.  We still have two mold lawsuits pending over that one.

Do you have any “making of” shots, like a photo or two to share of your process?
No Ms. KaRug burns all prints negatives and digital recordings of unauthorized images of her.

Any other facts about this piece you’d like us to know?
She is forever and eternally grateful to her nephew Nathaniel Beaver for his always brilliant video magic. Check out his website and hire him for all your filmic needs!

Witchy Witches Return for Gothtober Day 10

Visit the Gothtober Countdown Calendar and CLICK DAY TEN  to experience something quite  supernatural!

The Witchy Witches return from the coven to talk about a HAUNTED CASINO! We’ll delve into the WHY and the HOW and even the WHO of just what goes on in these kinds of places! They share supernatural ghostly witchy anecdotes, some of them NSFW be advised, pretty saucy stuff!  Watch and fall under their gamblin’ spells!

As Scream on TV! David LeBarron’s DAY 8 for Gothtober!

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This day and age is packed with wonderful inventions and offerings of life-changing contraptions, appliances and potions! As Scream on TV brings us the deal of the century with seasonal products that are guaranteed to please! Act now and get this AMAZING autumn offer that’s more than fifty percent off the retail price! It’s INSANE!
Everyone’s a winner, bargains GALORE!
David LeBaroon and Chris Baughman team up to bring us this terrific ad that’ll have you reaching for your credit card and picking up the phone! Use with caution… even though it’s fool proof…

Gothtober Day 20: Dancing with Cindy and Barry Morse!

Visit and click on DAY 20 to see an adorable yellow-dressed sweetheart!
It’s true that pennies are a girl’s best friend, and here to prove it with her umbrella and pigtails is smiling, four-year-old Cindy!
“Pennies from Heaven” was made one of the biggest hits of the 1930s by none other than Bing Crosby. The melody was composed by Arthur Johnston with lyrics by Johnny Burke. It was then recorded by many famous artists, such as Billy Holiday, Frank Sinatra, and Louis Prima (to name a few) but the Skyliners made it a hit again with their version in 1960.

Pennies from heaven are a sign of serendipity, it is said that no matter how badly it rains, this too shall pass, and good things are just around the corner. One just has to wait out the storm. This was an especially optimistic sentiment for the depression era, when the song came out.


Such a song still resonates today, which is why it’s such a beloved classic.
And you know, it’s kind of hard to mope with Cindy dancin’ around in her tapping shoes, go go Cindy! Come to think of it… she’s got pretty strong arms, she’s kinda ripped! I bet she can weather any storm!

Find out more about Cindy and Barry Morse  here! 

Gothtober Day Day 15: Guidance from the Witchy Witches!

Visit and click on DAY 15 to receive wisdom from the Witchy Witches!
As you know, Gothtober is FIFTEEN years old in good ol’ 2017, a bona fide Quinceañera! The Witchy Witches Coven has stirred the cauldron to impart upon us the sacred knowledge we need to keep being our witchy ghoulish selves, so pay attention, and get schooled! You get fifteen, count ’em FIFTEEN birthday blessings from Guy-A Magique LaMarr, Frizzy Fawcett, Lady Ass Majick and special guest, Heather Damage!

There are GREAT tips everyone needs to know (or remember, if this isn’t your first rodeo) about such things as how to deal with Harvest Gods, the meaning of Tori Amos songs, learning how to goth dance, and so much more! After all, Heather Damage has been 15 for over two thousand years! If you can’t learn anything from her, you can’t be helped!

A special note: I, creator of this calendar, identify as a lesbian (and yes, Head Candy Corn.) Thus, there is a lot of queer camaraderie and solidarity in the Gothtober calendar. When the Coven of the Witchy Witches showed up on their brooms five years ago, to join us, I couldn’t have been more overjoyed! These supernatural individuals fight the darkness with ass, class and sass every day. They suit up, show up, and are ready to celebrate and fight for our LGBTQ community in countless ways, something we need more than ever during the times we’re having. A special spell of love and light for the witchy sisters of the coven, from all of us here at Gothtober!

Find out more about the Witchy Witches  here! 

Just the Facts for Day 27 with Ian MacKinnon and Company

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.21.58 AM

Visit Gothtober Day 27 if you want to be smarter. 

It’s time for mid terms, or rather, it’s time for 13 teachable moments in the form of three witchy sisters who have a thing or two to teach you about Halloween. Prepare yourself for a list of stone cold snopes-proof fact about our favorite holiday, and yes, there will be a test.

You’ve never seen this much make-up and attitude crammed into one educational presentation, your brain curds are going to leak out your ears, they’ll be so smart! Never fear, these three damsels in excess will make sure you’ve got enough brains for everyday living.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially if you have leftover BBQ sauce. 

Ian MacKinnon is a gay based performance activist in Los Angeles, the writer and performer of The Gay Hist-Orgy series of shows that has played all over California. If you haven’t seen his time traveling hot pants, well, please do yourself a favor and let Ian take you on a romp down memory lane as soon as possible.

He teaches workshops, he makes new shows and performances constantly, he’s a never-ending power source of fiery flaming inspirational awesome that will make you feel like your underwear is made out of 5,000 tiny peppermints!

You can also catch Ian at Planet Queer, along with other interstellar performers, it’s the first Monday of every month at Akbar on the corner of Sunset and Fountain.