Downloadable Treats for DAY 2 with the Thomas Family!

Cook these seasonal delights with the Thomas Family Mini Gothtober Cookbook!

Visit and click on DAY 2 by the Thomas Family to download your very own guide for making some delightful items for a Halloween feast! You’ll catch quick site of Khoga the Demon, the official mascot of downloading your recipes. I thought I’d ask some questions about Khoga and the recipes:

Who exactly is Khoga the Demon?
Khoga is the adorable little guy pictured in the pumpkin patch with the special monster cookbook

When does a demon find the time to cook?
Can be tricky – but it’s much easier now that people are spending so much time at home.

Is Trader Joe’s readymade pizza dough the kind to use, or what brand do you recommend?
Any variety of ready made dough works, and if you’re feeling extra creative, try making pizza dough from scratch!

Is store bought marinara okay?
Totally ok – it’s all about using the easy button!

Where can one buy allergy safe chocolate? What is that?!?
Haha – allergy safe chocolate means it’s TOP 8 free. The brand we like is Enjoy Life (actually free from 14 allergens: wheat • peanuts • tree nuts • dairy • casein • soy • egg • sesame • sulfites • lupin • mustard • fish • shellfish • crustaceans) and can be purchased online, at your local grocery store (Ralphs, Target, Vons), or on Amazon. But if you don’t need to cook allergy safe, feel free and use your favorite brand of chocolate, or any other ingredient listed in our recipes.

Any factoids or interesting things happen while making/cooking this feast?
Watch out for little fingers when you’re skewering the blueberries to the lychee berries for the floating eyes drink – those things are pokey and hard to work with if you’ve got monster hands!

So there you have it! Get your recipe book and get cookin, it’s Fall-tastic!!!

Asher Slasher’s Sexy Pumpkin Stencils for Gothtober Day 12

Visit the Gothtober Countdown Calendar and CLICK DAY TWELVE  to download Asher Slasher’s Sexy Pumpkin Stencils!

All right folks! Screen this one please, it’s R-Rated, if you look closely. These are some very different pumpkin stencils than ones you may have used in the past, they’re quite a lot of fun, perfect for attracting certain kinds of people, and repelling other kinds of people, lol.
Unique, sexy, mischievous and pretty darn clever, these designs are easy to carve into any pumpkin you see fit.
Asher Slasher is our FIRST artist to offer pumpkin stencils of any kind, we think they’re a fabulous addition to our growing library of crafty downloads, enjoy!

Gothtober Day 30: Print-n-Fold Card from THE STIG!

Visit and click on DAY 30 to get a printable, foldable Halloween greeting card from The Stig!
If you like Bassett Hounds, you’ll love The Stig, he’s the most famous hound we know. He’s got a big following, so this card goes out to fans old and new! The card depicts The Stig in front of a beautiful orange harvest moon, levitating with the power of bat wings! Is this a vampire dog? Could be…

Make-a-Mask from Wolfcat Workshop from DAY 10

screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-10-17-26-pmVisit and visit DAY 10 to get your Gothtober Treat! 

Living and working in Los Angeles, making piece after experimental piece, using lines to communicate shapes and colors, lives the marvelous art wizard, Federico Tobon. I like to imagine him in an exciting tiny yurt on the top of a rickety mountain. The art yurt is very difficult to get to, surrounded by oceans and obstacles at every turn, and Federico is always there, making new things for the world.

He makes drawings, he makes wooden automata, he sews things, he’s always tinkering away and sharing his progress day by day. It brings inspiration to me all the time, knowing that he’s out there flexing his art muscles, eating rice and beans, hanging out with his cat and working on his quest to unite his visual output with his maker spirit.

He’s made us a free download-and-print crafty project, a mask that you can wear to your next costume party! Wear it and then tell everyone it wasn’t you sneaking all the Halloween candy, and they will believe you, since you’ll look completely unrecognizable. Better yet, make Federico’s mask, wear it, take some photos and show us how you’re wearing your original 2016 Tobon Gothtober Mask!

Wolfcat Workshop featuring the work of Federico Tobon has all kinds of curiosities for you to explore. Get his newsletter, go shopping for Tobon originals, see what he’s focusing on now, send him a card! His blog will show you his newest art activities, it’ll make you want to get going on your own projects, I highly recommend it!

DIY Mobile of Madness • Nockels DAY 18

arachneNormally, to come in contact with the characters featured for Gothtober DAY 18, you’d have to do stuff like drown in some water, go climbing up snowy precipices, join a cult, or go wandering alone through vampiric-laden parts of Thailand. But Christine Nockels made it really easy for you, you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. They’re all right here for you to download, color, cut and assemble into a mishmash of terrifying creatures who have probably never met each other until now!

One of these creatures is a mythical amphibious monster inhabiting inland waterways. Still another is a nocturnal female spirit of Southeast Asian folklore.

There are no less than EIGHT wonderfully drawn incarnations of beautifully creepy and odd beings in the collection.

If you are wondering “How can I make a mobile, I don’t understand!” It just so happens we’ve got just what you need right here on the good ol’ internet! Follow these instructions and you should have a pretty lovely terrifying mobile at the end of your efforts.

Carl C. Jung was one of the first psychologists to realize how beneficial coloring is for the human mind. Coloring is like a type of meditation, forcing you to hone your attention down to the task of filling in selected spaces with color, taking your mind off of lots of other things, including stressful things. We’re glad Christine chose a series of horrible legendary bloodthirsty beings for you to color, otherwise you might get TOO relaxed this Halloween, and we wouldn’t want that.


Coloring Pages for Big People • DAY 17

coloring_for_growniesEveryone knows that there’s Milan SS Ready to Wear… and then there’s coloring pages for grown-ups. I think you know which one you can’t live without, so please, don’t delay, and download Coloring Pages for Gothtober Day 17!!!

From the pointed pens and pencils of the talented Stephanie Abler arrives some relaxing images that you can download, print, and color to your heart’s content. The subject matter is really choice, make sure to investigate, you will be rewarded with artistic riches!

Coloring is really therapeutic. If you color, you avoid stressful situations like throwing a frozen ham out the window. Seriously, to have your brain slow down and focus on the task at hand, picking out colors, filling in segments, it’s very gratifying, and very calming. It’s good for your motor skills, it’s good for your eyeballs, you can color neat or messy, you can color inside the lines or make new lines and color outside of those, your individuality can shine.

Stephanie also encourages you to share how you decide to color the pages, so we hope you will!

Thomas Family Treats! DAY 2

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.27.53 AM

Usually it’s kids asking Grownups for treats, but today this kid is giving us an art treat! 

Go to and click on day 2 for a nice surprise.

Today we present a beautiful collection of FOUR seasonal images for you to download, print and hang in your home, your office, your classroom!  C. Thomas, renowned kid artist gives you this packet of full color images that will give you merry Halloween memories for years to come! Here’s what you get:

  • The Web of Wonders! An orange and black web of varied creatures provide a succulent meal for eight-legged arachnids! 
  • Dimensional presentation of hissing creatures! Look out, they might bite! 
  • The Annual Night Time Food Festival, where they’ve got a very gory farm special for sale! Supernatural savings! 
  • A 13th birthday party for Gothtober, complete with mini ghosts, pumpkins, banners and plenty of other happy guests! 

The Thomas Family worked together to make these tableaus for us to enjoy, they are indeed a family of many talents. This family loves to make stuff, and Heather Thomas, the Mom of the operation, has a food blog with recipes on it like dairy free Mac-n-Cheese, Ginger Snaps, and Mexican Chocolate Brownie cookies!!! Her husband, Russ, is a chef extraordinaire, if you are ever up in San Luis Obispo and they offer to cook you anything… just say yes.

Playin’ Games and Takin’ Names with Dianne Chadwick for Gothtober DAY 7

Work in progress, as Dianne was designing...
Work in progress, as Dianne was designing…

Happy Monday! To start off the week, Dianne Chadwick made you a BOARD GAME!!! OmigoshOmigosh how fun is THAT?!? All you have to do is visit DAY 7 on and download the game, follow the instructions, and you’re ready to experience the thrill of victory, or the agony of defeat. The game is called “Trick or Treat” and it consists of three pages that you print out, cut and assemble. It’s for players 5 and up, Dianne used her very own 5-year-old as her test subject, and said that

He loved it, but mostly just wanted to eat the candy.

Dianne wanted to make a game that you can pretty much play anywhere, all you really need is access to candy and coffee container lids (to serve as “cauldrons”) Here’s some info from the official “box instructions” of the game

It’s Halloween and mischief is in the air! Collect as much candy as you can and return home before your house is trashed by marauding tricksters!

One of the great things about this game is that if you lose game pieces, no worries. Just head to the snack bar and purchase some more jelly beans. Dianne hasn’t played this game with four people yet, so if you want to give feedback or tell us how you did playing “Trick or Treat” with four or more players, let us know. You should be able to extend game play by acquiring more candy. “Trick or Treat” can be played at the park, at recess, during your lunch hour, on the train, practically anywhere, it’s made for travel. We’ll be playing the game at CraftNight (at Akbar) this week, thanks Dianne for giving us this very clever and beautifully designed diversion for the Halloween holiday!

Neither Snow nor Rain nor Heat nor Gloom of Night for DAY 15!

Mother/Daughter team Miss Lori and Madame Rose strike a pose… or two or three poses, actually!

What goodies are in store for you today from the Gothtober Postal Service at Pumpkin #15!!! You can get three, count’em THREE FREE downloadable printable wonderful Halloween cards that have been hand illustrated by this high-powered and enterprising family duo!
Lori Meeker starts things off with a stop-motion animation piece, you can watch the red sky and the murky olive-colored hills, when what comes flapping o’er the horizon but a batty little creature carrying goodies for everybody! Nope, it certainly isn’t Santa, because Santa, to my recollection, doesn’t eat bugs or make high-pitched squeaky noises. Oh right… and Santa doesn’t have wings.

The cards are available for download at the end of the movie, and you can get an owl, pumpkin or bat, and there are two sizes of each! One size is for an automatic “print-and-go” so you print it, fold it, write something on it and give it to a friend. The other size available is for perhaps cutting out and sticking in your scrap book, or in a letter to a friend, or on a very fancy card that has taken you lots of time to make!

Madame Rose coloring away…