Gothtober Day 17: Creepy Cooking with Family Chambers!

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Have you been serving up the same old crusty casseroles? Are your salads in a slump? Are your desserts drab? Well, not any longer! Hard at work in their laboratory of flavors is the Family Chambers, with delectable dishes you can make for everyone you love! The holidays are almost here, if you want to impress, look no further. 

Featuring such fresh and healthy ingredients as dead eyes, braised beast, lice and nutmeg, every recipe in this volume promises not just a feast of sumptuous tastes, but dishes that are good for your health. It’s also worth mentioning that this cookbook has a whole new take on SIMPLE SLUGS! Everyone knows how to make them, but it’s really hard to get them just right, and you’ll learn the secrets to making this family favorite: no more mushy slugs, what a relief!
So take a look and start planning your get-together today with meals that come alive… literally.

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Sweetening Things UP for Gothtober DAY 19

Counting with Countess Von Count…

Today we bring you a selection of recipes in honor of Gothtober’s 10th Anniversary, courtesy of Countess Von Count! Click pumpkin #19 on the Gothtober Countdown Calendar and Drool your way through a superabundance of delectable dishes designed to make all of your sweet tooth dreams come true!

Anyone who knows Vero Lego knows that she is an EVIL BAKER. She is evil in that her creations are always creative, always delicious and ALWAYS irresistible! This year she went right off the deep end in working her tail off making a TON of crazy creepy recipes that you can print out and make yourself in time for October 31st on All Hallow’s Eve!

What’s more, she was able to bring her baked goods in to CraftNight and have an unofficial “tasting panel” at Akbar and people were having trouble eating just “one” of the ghosts (which purportedly contain Nutter Butters™) among other treats. I myself enjoyed the mellow snickerdoodle taste of a “witch’s broom” paired with it’s salty pretzel broomstick. Still others enjoyed “Ogre Toes” and Terry (handsome Akbar watchman) kept sneaking in to eat more cupcakes, which is probably the best endorsement a cook could have. He even took home a couple of monster eyes! The “tasting panel” was very satisfied indeed, and contributed to a

When gentlemen in a gay bar ignore their “boyish figure” to eat home made sweet treats, you know it’s a success! Hat’s off to te chef! Also… if you notice that the Countess resembles a certain puppet vampire from Sesame Street, that’s no accident. The Count, as he is known, was played by Muppeteer, Jerry Nelson, for 40 years before Jerry passed away this year. This counting piece is a lovely homage to a wonderful man, who I had the pleasure of working with in 1995 – 96 on Muppets Tonight. He was also famous for playing Dr. Julius Strangepork, Floyd Pepper (my favorite) and Kermit’s nephew, Robin. Find out more about Jerry’s legacy by visiting the Celebrating Jerry Nelson channel on YouTube. And you can read an essay by Jerry about his career here a the Muppet Wikia.

– Julianna (JP) Parr, Head Candy Corn,



Day 11: Delicious graveyard, yum.

Gothtober edible graveyardVero Lego’s Hungry Halloween not only gives you recipes for delicious candy ghosts and chocolate spiders — it demonstrates how to create an entirely edible, yummy-sweet action graveyard playset! That’s right, YOU can construct your very own desserty haunted house (is that a load-bearing chocolate wall I just devoured?), make up names for your icing tombstones, put it all together and play ghost-in-the-graveyard in a landscape of macabre, sugary sweetness.*

Get it now!

*Gothtober cannot be held responsible if you choose to consume your scrumptious ghost world in a single sitting, nor are we liable for any ensuing seizures, bouncy spells, comas, crying jags, or annoyance to others.

Day 5: Cocktails, anyone?

Gothtober Ben LingGothtober Ben Ling

You know it’s October when you’re drinking cocktails involving candycorn-infused vodka. You heard me. And that’s just one of THREE amazing, haunted cocktail recipes offered by restaurateur Ben Ling. He also provides a handy guide to making an en-GROSS-ing cocktail garnish that very closely resembles an eyeball, but much more delicious. How many recipes do you have that include the instruction, “stuff eyeball into socket”? Hmmm? Well, now you have exactly one. Bottoms up!

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