Witchy Witches Return for Gothtober Day 10

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The Witchy Witches return from the coven to talk about a HAUNTED CASINO! We’ll delve into the WHY and the HOW and even the WHO of just what goes on in these kinds of places! They share supernatural ghostly witchy anecdotes, some of them NSFW be advised, pretty saucy stuff!  Watch and fall under their gamblin’ spells!

Gothtober Day 16: Mom and Son Haunted Battle Collaboration!

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I made friends with Kendra in the year of 1990 when I knocked on her dorm room door and asked her if she would be my friend. She said YES she would be my friend even though she BARELY KNEW ME, which is one of the reasons she is such a quality person. The last time she made a Gothober piece, it was probably about 10 years ago or more, and it was about spider fear. She thought that perhaps she’d do a Gothtober piece this year, and asked her six year old son, Miles, to be the director.
The two put their heads together, and built a really cool haunted house, then had fourteen days of intensive storyboard meetings, concept exploration, and technical assessments. There were, like all good collaborations, some creative differences. When all the details were hammered out, they then put on their animator hats and went to work, and recorded their own sound, and I must say, the Haunted Battle is quite a SUCCESS!

The stage is set with a moody storm, there are skeletons and there’s lightening and WHAT’S THAT?!? Do I hear broad swords? The clashing of metal? Smoke and the creaking of haunted doors? What will happen next? Guess you better watch and see!

Find out more about the mother/son team known as Scribble Scrabble  here! 

Gothtober Day 2 – The Terror Tunnel, by Rick Orner!

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Are you up for a haunted attraction involving paranormal activity and partying with the undead? Rick Orner brings to us a P.O.V. simulation of what such a thing might entail. Your car glides on its rails, lurching right, pitching left, each new direction revealing a new spooky tableau!

Do you remember going to the county fair and staring at the terrifying facade of the Haunted House ride? Do you remember it looming over your small frame, it’s metallic edges painted over to resemble decrepit castle stones or rotting wood?

There was always some kind of extra creepy skeleton or Lon Chaney-esque phantom of the opera both beckoning and repelling you to enter the “Bordello of Blood” or “The Ghost Train” or “AmityVille Scareground.”

At age 7 or 8, this was enough to make you want to flail wildly, scream bloody murder, and run in any direction BUT one of these places. But at some point, you’d brave your better sense, get in one of these things and survive, but perhaps not without throwing all your popcorn in the air from being scared so badly. Get that feeling back again as you enter the terror tunnel, maybe have a little cotton candy, or some roasted peanuts.

Dark rides were invented in the late 19th century, often called “pleasure” or “scenic” railways. This is the first one ever designed with Gothtober in mind, we’re thrilled that Rick Orner kept us in the dark, so to speak! please keep all hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times. We don’t want you losing a limb… or do we?

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Day 19: This is my JAM

Gothtober boomboxThere are really two parts to Kate Morrison’s “Revenge of the Haunted Boombox”: the video, wherein a tiny haunted boombox wreaks havoc on the listening pleasure of various tiny characters; and the credits, where your own pleasure is put to the test: guilty or not guilty?

And actually, there is a third part, where you go back and watch the whole thing again just so you can catch every gem of dialogue that whizzes by in miniature-stop-motion speed. There should probably be an additional fourth part where we quiz you on the script and you win a 10-minute grabbing spree at the Candy Factory, but really, how complicated does this need to be? Jeeeeez.

Just watch the video, for heaven’s sake.