Auntie Lyla hosts Gothtober Day 5!

Today’s amusement behind Gothtober Day 5 is an amuse bouche of selected items from America’s favorite Texan, Auntie Lyla KaRug. Gothtober’s Head Candy Corn called up this Cooterville celebrity to ask her a little bit about what went into making this enjoyable mini movie. Here’s the info!

Where was this filmed? 
This scene was filmed in Aunt Lyla’s nephew Jeff’ry’s bathroom, where she has been quarantining since March, unable(willing) to travel back to Cooterville.

What’s the musical track?
The public domain song that the universe offered up to Beaver to use when he was editing the piece.

How many mask shots ended up on the cutting room floor?
The carnage was brutal.  There was that whole 1950s kitchen fruit pattern series disaster…  And don’t even bring up the attempt to make masks out of old costume fabric from the attic of the Kirk Douglas Theater.  We still have two mold lawsuits pending over that one.

Do you have any “making of” shots, like a photo or two to share of your process?
No Ms. KaRug burns all prints negatives and digital recordings of unauthorized images of her.

Any other facts about this piece you’d like us to know?
She is forever and eternally grateful to her nephew Nathaniel Beaver for his always brilliant video magic. Check out his website and hire him for all your filmic needs!