Artists, Lush and Gina for Gothtober Day 3

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It’s October 3rd! Today’s Gothtober piece is by Gina Tuzzi and Lush Newton with Malia Matsumoto behind the camera.

This collaboration between incredible artists is part of what this month is about, and it’s a pleasure to watch them create. Lush runs Art Center in Humboldt’s town square and shows her work throughout the year, while Gina is known for teaching at Humboldt University, and she also makes paintings and murals across the greater Humboldt county area and elsewhere. In spooky season, they often make (more PG than depicted) cardboard paintings and hang them with candy in the trees for local kids.

Malia is the cinematographer for their contribution, and is an accomplished artist in her own right and the former director of SCRAP, a former Humboldt County creative reuse center.

JP (Head Candy Corn of Gothtober) is known to order specialty art supplies from the Art Center in the heart of Arcata. Follow their instagram here!

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