Doom Triscuit’s Word Find for Gothtober Day 5

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What do fiber, unnerving phobias, and an ever-escalating foreboding sense of impending doom have in common? They’re all part of today’s Gothtober word search, brought to you by Doom Triscuit.

Doom Triscuit is doom-y, but never gloomy.

Doom Triscuit has as much love for your excessive and persistent feelings of unease and fear as you do those feelings themselves — perhaps even more so, as Doom Triscuit takes great satisfaction from a fear-creating job well done. Doom Triscuit has 3.5 grams of fiber per serving, and pairs well with ghost-milk cheese, perhaps with a drizzle of balsamic.

Doom Triscuit also tastes great topped with cucumber, feta crumbles, olive oil, and triple-checking that you locked the front door earlier because you thought you did, but what is that mysterious click-clacking of legs and fangs across the floor, there, off in the darkness, but coming closer, and closer, and closer?

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