Open Trench Creative’s Ghosty Gothtober Day 12

A bit of banana ghost wrangling by Open Trench Creative

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Not sure if you know that ghosts and bananas are a type of partnership. We here at Gothtober didn’t know that either UNTIL we got Day 11’s piece (Del Norte Presents) and then got Open Trench Creative’s Day 12… BOTH involving a ghost-banana connection in totally different ways!!!

Apparitions and fruit are natural collaborators, it’s just a winning combination that’s a natural fact! In this particular piece, we’ve got a ghost doing it’s best to be ghosty, and then running into some challenges along the way. The challenges are a lot. October challenges can sometimes get ya down. But not to worry, all is not lost, benevolent forces prevail, and the ghost finds enjoyment and satisfaction in the day.

Thank you, Open Trench Creative, for the voice, puppet, string and camera work for this enjoyable ghost-banana film!