Del Norte Presents Gothtober Day 11

Visit Gothtober 2019 and check out DAY 11!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Del Norte brings you “Caspar Goes Corporate” with a catchy-tune music video of a ghost that’s ready for an escape!

This 9 to 5 ghost appears to be a little burnt out at the office, but with the weekend’s arrival, it’s time for this spirit to CUT LOOSE and have a bit of fun! Watch as our ghostly friend finishes required work tasks and then seeks out some sunshine, fresh air, and physical activity!

You may recognize the fine handiwork of the one and only Tina Chiquita Rounsavell. This classic piece has made many a SparkleBlob appearance!

Thank you, Del Norte Presents, for a fabulous fabric ghost escapade and the PERFECT way to start the weekend!