Whose Got the BUGS? Rosalind Helfand’s Gothtober DAY 5!!!

Visit www.gothtober.com and click on day 5!

You’re really going to enjoy this bug puppet show by bug enthusiast, Rosalind Helfand! But also, before we get going on this bug post, Rosalind also included a frog and a crab and a bird. So it’s not JUST bugs… but bugs are a big part of this piece. I asked Roz why she loves bugs so much, she was happy to reply:

Bugs are everywhere! Tons of them. All the time. In and on everything. Including our bodies. Many bug species have been around MUCH longer than humans. They’re survivors and adaptors. They are constructed in all sorts of fascinating ways. Take exoskeletons. How cool are those?! They’re part of an intricate ecosystem and they’re just as important as all the big creatures. But we all need each other — the big and the small. Well, we may need them more than they need us. 

Another fun fact you should know about this piece is that the back of the felt board used for this piece is an actual specimen drawer, see the photo! The other photos above are just a few of Roz’s amazing photos she has taken of insects up close and personal.