Revolt! Gothtober Day 4 with Jefe!

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-3-10-54-pm DAY 4 is by Jefe!

He drew for us a Halloween Fairytale about a little girl who summons a demon to restore Halloween after mean authorities in her school try to take it away!

Jefe recorded his own voice, worked with iMovie and scanned in all of his original drawings to make this piece come to fruition.

When asked about his process, Jefe said:

Gothtober is a chance for us artists to stretch out and try new skills and dance on the wire between stunning success and abject failure (I do need more Halloween cookie recipes though, so keep ‘em coming?).


• Jefe draws for a living. You can see more of his stuff here
• Jefe’s has a pretty good computer with Adobe Creative Cloud on it.
• Jefe came by his nickname honestly, since his middle school Spanish teacher couldn’t find a suitable equivalent to Jeff.

About working for a Gothtober due date he said:

1 days left, Ommigod! Ommigod! Ommigod! Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression Acceptance. Here some other personality takes over, or I was possessed, or I went into a fugue state, regardless I drew 50 odd panels and scanned them in. 

We’re happy that it all worked out, because DAY 4 is a fun-filled subversive story about what to do when “the man” tries to shut down your Halloween! Don’t let it happen to you!