Singy Songy Salutations for Gothtober DAY 9

question_buttonWe know not where it came from, but now it won’t leave us alone.

Click on the Skull Bobblehead for Gothtober DAY 9 and be greeted with another Skull… and some operatic torture! Captured on video for the very first time is this wayward spirit that insists on┬ásinging opera to us as we work into the night on Gothtober’s haunted offerings. It first began last week, right before the calendar launched, and now it is sung at least twice per day, once when the moon arrives on the horizon, and again, later, when the moon is about to sink behind the hills.

While the dedication and passion for opera is appreciated, we hope that the Singy Songy Skull meets whoever it is singing to so that we may get some rest.