Gothtober SURPRISE it’s DAY 9!!!!

Piñatas of bully billionaire politicians are quite popular right now...
Piñatas of bully billionaire politicians are quite popular right now…

Visit and click on DAY 9 and well… it might be the scariest thing on the entire calendar this year.

Los Gatitos and their basket of adorable deplorables have collaborated this year to make a short and sweet punk song asking you to please not vote for the Cheeto. I’m not gonna say his name because I’m tired of hearing it, and you know who I’m talking about.

Turn this one on, turn it up and sing along, we need it!

Gothtober 9
It’s always been mine*
But this one I bet
Will be the scariest yet
There’s a dangerous monster running for president 
Sick in the head, he’s really not hesitant
To foment violence among his followers
A schoolyard bully with a billion dollars
Did you know that
Hitler was elected?
Giving hope to the lost and dejected
But soon he started rounding up Jews
Homosexuals, Gyspies too
Don’t kid yourself it could happen here!
With angry talk of rounding up Mexicans
Persecuting Muslims they’re not good Americans
Denigrating women, dredging up hate
Now open your eyes before it’s too late!
Please don’t vote for Donald Trump
Please don’t vote for Donald Trump
Please don’t vote for Donald Trump
He’s a very bad man, he’s a very bad man!
*not quite true


Kimberly Kim DAY 21

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.21.42 PM

Today’s beautiful short film DAY 21 on Gothtober haunts and hypnotizes your senses and reels you in to have a moment with the elusive gravity of existence. Kimberly Kim is a Los Angeles-based ornamental sound etcher who searches for sounds to sketch on trees. You may be more familiar knowing her as the silent  smiling bar maiden pouring delicious devil horn poisons and mixing tasty double vision snake oil elixirs at Akbar.

This is her Gothtober debut. Shifting footage, colors, animation, movement comes together to form a visual incantation accompanied by a temporal, resonant melody.

Do you hear a ballad? Do you see water? Whose face is that anyway? My eyeballs are fascinated! 

Peer into this piece, investigate, watch, and investigate further. Decipher what you will, the limitless availability of it gives you all you need and then some. There are a million and one ways to make a film, here is another, we are thrilled to present it.

Tunes-n-Toots for DAY 19 with Vanessa Jo Harris

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 3.38.48 AM

The pleasing vocal pipes and inky drawing pen of Vanessa Jo Harris is responsible for Gothtober DAY 19’s dreamy, d00-wop treasure of a song… accompanied by a raspberry of a wacky comic! We think that if you like legumes, harmony, romance and ghosts, this is definitely the day for you.

It’s Vanessa’s first Gothtober, and it’s because I just couldn’t shut up and asked her if she wanted to be a  part of it and she said “Sure!” Did I have any idea of what she was capable of? Certainly not! But is this EXACTLY WHY Gothtober is lots of fun for a Candy Corn like me? YES! Gothtober is a kick in the pants for anyone who is creative, or anyone who is thinking about doing something creative. We are here to be a catalyst for those who want fire for their marshmallows.

In the spirit of making something, Ms. Harris just decided right then and there that she’d give Gothtober a whirl, and now look at us! 

For those of you who are not sure how to goad music and fart cartoons out of people, here is the answer: Ask, and ask nicely.



Singy Songy Salutations for Gothtober DAY 9

question_buttonWe know not where it came from, but now it won’t leave us alone.

Click on the Skull Bobblehead for Gothtober DAY 9 and be greeted with another Skull… and some operatic torture! Captured on video for the very first time is this wayward spirit that insists on singing opera to us as we work into the night on Gothtober’s haunted offerings. It first began last week, right before the calendar launched, and now it is sung at least twice per day, once when the moon arrives on the horizon, and again, later, when the moon is about to sink behind the hills.

While the dedication and passion for opera is appreciated, we hope that the Singy Songy Skull meets whoever it is singing to so that we may get some rest.