Gothtober 2019 is LIVE!!!

Head Candy Corn here,

WE DID IT!!! Our yearly collection of things that go bump in the night is underway, it’s quite the exciting lineup! Everyday a new artist is revealed, this week we’ve got Alis Jua Nonpareil, Dragon Lady, Sam G, Mellocreme Fairchild III, and Auntie Lyla!

Expect to receive some fall season advice/commands/weirdness, a bit of ghostly animation, a study in decay, and some thrilling, chilling drag!

Big thanks to our Web High Priestess, Cristin Pescosolido, who transferred all the data from our staging bay to our main directory, making it very easy for me to easily launch Gothtober 2019 at the stroke of midnight!

Thank you for viewing and experiencing this Public Internet Art Installation, it is our SEVENTEENTH! That’s a lotta pumpkins! There’s nothing quite like unveiling a brand new Gothtober.

Showing off this annual collection of new works from Gothtober Artists, it makes me misty. It never gets old, I’m a big fan of “together art” and this project brings a new reason to be sincerely grateful everyday. I am proud, and heartened by everyone who’s in this year’s mix, and all the previous mixes! Thank you thank you!

Slimy toads and haunted roads,

Head Candy Corn JP