Day 15: Haunted Honeymoon by Lori Meeker

The rumours are TRUE.

As you may or may not know, back in the day, Dr. Henry Frankenstein, using electricity and leftover human parts, made a monster. The only problem is, the monster wasn’t really relating to the people around him that weren’t held together by artificial means or salvaged cadaver pieces… he was mighty lonesome. After many months of the monster’s relentless pestering, Frankenstein created a beautiful blushing bride for his solitary modern prometheus.

Everything was going great, until the Doctor awoke one morning to find both creations missing, as well as his car!

All of us were worried sick, until it was revealed that the couple merely eloped and went on worldwide holiday to um… a few choice honeymoon locations.

Okay, maybe more than a few, maybe they’ll read this and eventually come back at some point, but for now, Congratulations, you two! Gothtober wishes you all the best, and when you come back, we’ll unplug all the appliances, and you can attach yourselves to the outlets and blow out the neighborhood transformer, just for fun!

But seriously, folks, this day was made by Lori Meeker, accomplished costumer and puppet maker and general all-around artist expert-a-gogo. You can actually catch a glimpse of her puppets that she made for the Pop Ups in The Wall Street Journal, as well as NY 1 TV.

Here’s a little trivia about the SONG in Lori’s movie, do you remember the 1983 movie it was featured in many years ago?

Well, I totally thought this song was very Kenny Loggins, but no no no nooooo…. I was wrong, and startled to find out it was actually this guy, and how did I not make that connection all these years? Anyway, Cheers, Lori Meeker and her right hand Gothtober helper, Jeff Levine and the rest of her crew, you guys made a wonderful keepsake the Frankensteins will be able to look at for years to come.

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