Day 14: DIY hobgoblin

Gothtober stitch hobgoblinApparently, mind-blowing fingernails are the sub-theme to this year’s Gothtober; check out those Halloweeny stripes and stars!! Day 12 might be a little jealous.

No matter the state of your manicure, YOU can make an adorable print+sew hobgoblin for Halloween, thanks to the lovely and crafty Miss Christy Chambers. All you need is some printable fabric and a few other widgets and doodads that you probably already have at home! Then just print, bedazzle, clip and assemble per Christy’s fun and easy-to-follow instructions. And just wait till you see the finished product: cutest. hobgoblin. ever.

Also, enjoy the sultry, New Orleans style tune by Doodle M. Farnieflox. Was that the character who made the star-belly-on machine for the Sneeches? In any case, it’s great music to download by.

Make your hobgoblin now!

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