Lori Meeker and the Lava Lady for DAY 15


Visit www.gothtober.com and click on Day 15 and watch this dear sweet tribute to one of LA’s historic eccentric personalities who passed away in September of 2016. It’s Lori Meeker’s puppet vignette about Rae Susan Strauss! Sometimes you’d see her in the crosswalk, never in a rush, gliding past, one of the regulars, always a curious human to witness. She lived in a black lava covered house, thus, her nickname was “The Lava Lady.”

Not many of us understood her, but we liked her. We liked her a lot, she wore her hair in a tall spike, wore bellbottom pants and extremely tall platform shoes. She was a poet. She was many things. Find out more about The Lava Lady by reading this LA Weekly article.

Find out more about the wonderful work of Lori Meeker by visiting her website! 

Day 4: Stuff for your brain! Mmmm, brains…

Gothtober-puppet-craft-ghostIf you’re on a diet, or 3D gives you a headache, then Day 4 is for you! Need some choice material for your next book report, or just looking to curl up by the fire with a good read? Check out Xochitl Oliva’s “Scary Stories for Monsters Large and Small,” a comprehensive reading list compiled by an ACTUAL LIBRARIAN. Yes, this one’s professionally certified! From spooky picture books for your tiny tots, to chilling tomes for the grownups (including a certain popular zombie book), Xochitl’s got your literary needs covered.

But wait, there’s more! You can also download cut+color Monster Mash Puppet Crafts designed by Juliana Sankaran-Felix. You get TWO features in ONE day! Now, that’s the value-added service you’ve come to expect from Gothtober. Enjoy!

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