The Mystery of DAY 14

glassy_eyes_violin watson
It’s elementary that eventually, with enough sleuthing, you’d arrive at DAY 14 on Gothtober.
Watch as Sherlock Holmes uses his brilliant deductions to solve the mystery of Friday the 13th! A very special royal figure makes an appearance in this wonderfully narrated gripping family film!
Rumor has it that the Gailiunas, Aaron, Williams, and Waller families were involved in this funky riddle, but we were unable to recognize any of them, maybe they were on the film crew. Huh.

You do know what Sherlock Holmes uses when he wants to make cookies, right?

Before You Slip into Unconsciousness… Click on Gothtober Pumpkin 16!

Ghost Dad in principle shooting for Gothtober Day 16
A Still from The Waller Family Singer’s Day 16

Arriving (or departing?) via Crystal Ship today are The Waller Family Singers! Click Pumpkin 16, and don’t be surprised if your consciousness is raised by 20% after seeing it, there are secrets and symbols we may never understand, but this is how it is when the mysteries of October are revealed. There are many many things to see in this piece, and the voice of “Ghost Dad” as I shall him for the sake of not exposing his identity, is as lovely as ever, but especially haunting for such a friendly spectre! Take a trip into a situation where acorn tea doesn’t need as much water as you thought, rabbits get hugged, pumpkins push strollers, figurines and gems connect with each other, and beards come in florescent colors.
The more I looked at the Ghost Dad, I had a weird feeling he might exist in another realm, a place where he might materialize in this waking physicality. It’s probably just my mind trying to make sense of alternate realities, because I could also swear that I saw his likeness flit by in Gothtober Pumpkin #9… I think managing all of these Gothtober contributors has me going batty. Anyway, we seem to be on kind of a psychedelic path this week, and I like this song, so I just thought I’d share it with you.