Day 6: Something completely different

Gothtober XKiller Gothtober XKiller

Well, it wouldn’t be HUMP DAY without some proper scantily-clad, gender-bending, boundary-crossing, experimental fashion! Today’s piece by Xkiller showcases a most unusual fashion show from a few years back, and yet the motifs are unimpeachably timeless: pin stripes, golf plaids, torn shirts and bloody fist fights. Does the devil wear Prada? No, I think she dons an Xkiller tee and a fresh black eye.

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Day 5: Cocktails, anyone?

Gothtober Ben LingGothtober Ben Ling

You know it’s October when you’re drinking cocktails involving candycorn-infused vodka. You heard me. And that’s just one of THREE amazing, haunted cocktail recipes offered by restaurateur Ben Ling. He also provides a handy guide to making an en-GROSS-ing cocktail garnish that very closely resembles an eyeball, but much more delicious. How many recipes do you have that include the instruction, “stuff eyeball into socket”? Hmmm? Well, now you have exactly one. Bottoms up!

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Day 4: Stuff for your brain! Mmmm, brains…

Gothtober-puppet-craft-ghostIf you’re on a diet, or 3D gives you a headache, then Day 4 is for you! Need some choice material for your next book report, or just looking to curl up by the fire with a good read? Check out Xochitl Oliva’s “Scary Stories for Monsters Large and Small,” a comprehensive reading list compiled by an ACTUAL LIBRARIAN. Yes, this one’s professionally certified! From spooky picture books for your tiny tots, to chilling tomes for the grownups (including a certain popular zombie book), Xochitl’s got your literary needs covered.

But wait, there’s more! You can also download cut+color Monster Mash Puppet Crafts designed by Juliana Sankaran-Felix. You get TWO features in ONE day! Now, that’s the value-added service you’ve come to expect from Gothtober. Enjoy!

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