Love in the Time of Covid: Day 10 w/Sibyl O’Malley

The Patented O’Malley Bloody Chainsaw

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It’s one thing to deal with quarantine, and then it’s another thing entirely to suffer a broken heart during quarantine. It’s a double dose of crap sandwich. It’s a challenge to prevent hardening into a perpetually pissed off burnt little pebble.

Ugh. How to process.

We start with some charming ukulele strums from Tom Moose. The animation is sweet and loving… and then everything just like… explodes. But is that all? Nope. We asked Sibyl about her film and this is what she had to say:

Sibyl’s Words: There’s so much happening in the world to be angry about. I’ve lost whole days to rage in the past few months. Sometimes the anger feels great, adrenalizing and powerful, but it’s also exhausting and leaves my heart hate sick.

What’s helping me are revenge fantasies. Creative acts of vandalism. Riots of righteous joy. Making this stop motion gave me a way to express my fury and leave room for my silly little heart to do what it can’t seem to stop doing –  loving you and this stupid world we’ve made.