Paper Craft Project with WolfCat Workshop Gothtober Day 7

Make this Paper Craft made by WolfCat Workshop creator, Federico!

Can has Paper Craft?!? >>> Visit Gothtober 2019 and click on DAY 7!!!

Can you think of a better way to start a week than with PAPER CRAFT?!? Here it is here it is, your moment of downloading, printing, cutting, glueing and HAVING a bobbly ghosty haunted house! (Not only is it quite a fetching, artsy conversation piece, but if you live in Los Angeles like we do, or basically anywhere in California, it makes a GREAT earthquake sensor!)

Federico is a figurer-outerer and tinkerer extraordinaire! Every day he’s working on contraptions, gadgets, characters, drawings, zines and more! It’s a real thrill to follow him on Instagram and see what’s new. Thank You, Federico, for joining us on the Gothtober 2019 calendar! Please send a loud and happy “MEOW!” to your assistant for us!

Federico’s wonderful works can be found on his website or on Instagram and twitter @wolfcatworkshop