Oct 112016
An action shot of Trixy recording sound in her closet.

An action shot of Trixy recording sound in her closet.

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It is with great pleasure that we offer you some psychedelic experimental animation from Professor Trixy Sweetvittles! She performs, sculpts, makes films and shows others how to do it, she’s a multimedia maker filmer teacher superstar!

You can find her at USC being a badass, but in the meantime, here’s a Gothtober Goodie for you to watch. Here’s what Trixy has to say about the inspiration for this piece:

The animation features my very own Spirit Guide who came to me during a groovy visualization meditation exercise. When this weird skinny red creature with a giant throbbing brain appeared, I was a little shocked and disappointed that my special spirit guide looked like a scary little demon instead of an ethereal goddess. I have since come to enjoy and appreciate the cute little bugger’s place in my head.

Let it be known that inspiration rarely takes the form of something sensible. When you imagine your spirit guide, try to keep an open mind. Guidance, when it arrives, will most probably arrive from unexpected sources in forms barely recognized or understood. It’s not the white dove or the electric wolf or the lightning strike that usually brings the epiphanies, it’s usually something mundane like forgetting to buy toilet paper for the 26th time.

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