Rainbones Bringing the Bright Fright for Gothtober Day 21

Black Light Magic by Lok, Wileen and Teri!

Dazzling ghouls are out to get us! Click on Gothtober’s Pumpkin 21 and find yourself in the midst of a dark and dreamlike realm where perhaps you shouldn’t have decided to investigate what goes bump in the night! These otherworldly apparitions are not shy, they are in your face, they will playfully scare the wits out of you, maybe even poltergeist a few things in your abode just to make you jump.

They might be demons, they might be sprites, they may even be creatures that scare away dark magic, only the spirit world knows for sure! Through the swirling purple smoke is a choreographed seance of movement and dissolving realities, laughter that may be directed at you or in spite of you. Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t make ’em mad, they look like absolute trouble! It’s Rainbones!

Rainbones, also know as Lok Hwa, Wileen Rungsiridacha, and Teri Osato had some exciting challenges in this piece that they’d never done before:

  1. Recording everyday objects and their voices to create a song
  2. Painting their bodies with fluorescent tempera paints
  3.  Filming in blacklight!

Learn more about Wileen, her mad lab of experimental projects and crocheted cactuses at Frogafish

Find out more about Lok Hwa the nocturnal special effects artsy-fartsy guy by visiting LokHwa.com

Order awesome cards from Teri the graphic designer mustachio superstar at Osato Design 

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