Gothtober Day 11 Parisian Catacomb Adventure!

Visit the Gothtober Countdown Calendar and CLICK DAY ELEVEN  to go underneath the city of Paris! 

Once upon a time, Coral was offered the awesome adventure of a lifetime, spelunking with fabulous friends underneath the city of Paris in an underground network of catacombs underneath the city of lights! What’s down there besides mud, water and darkness? Plenty! See some of these exciting scenes that will hopefully inspire YOU to wander around in small, cramped quarters underneath Paris, when you visit it. Bring a flashlight with NEW batteries, lol.

Gothtober SURPRISE it’s DAY 9!!!!

Piñatas of bully billionaire politicians are quite popular right now...
Piñatas of bully billionaire politicians are quite popular right now…

Visit and click on DAY 9 and well… it might be the scariest thing on the entire calendar this year.

Los Gatitos and their basket of adorable deplorables have collaborated this year to make a short and sweet punk song asking you to please not vote for the Cheeto. I’m not gonna say his name because I’m tired of hearing it, and you know who I’m talking about.

Turn this one on, turn it up and sing along, we need it!

Gothtober 9
It’s always been mine*
But this one I bet
Will be the scariest yet
There’s a dangerous monster running for president 
Sick in the head, he’s really not hesitant
To foment violence among his followers
A schoolyard bully with a billion dollars
Did you know that
Hitler was elected?
Giving hope to the lost and dejected
But soon he started rounding up Jews
Homosexuals, Gyspies too
Don’t kid yourself it could happen here!
With angry talk of rounding up Mexicans
Persecuting Muslims they’re not good Americans
Denigrating women, dredging up hate
Now open your eyes before it’s too late!
Please don’t vote for Donald Trump
Please don’t vote for Donald Trump
Please don’t vote for Donald Trump
He’s a very bad man, he’s a very bad man!
*not quite true


Thirteen on Day 15!

It’s mildly terrifying!!! RUNN!!!!!!!

Never to shy away from a good and scary freak-out, Lori Meeker brings us one of the most terrifyingly mild pieces to hit Gothtober yet. Visit Day 15, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Within the parameters of the Gothtober framework comes a series of images that are sort of kind of disturbing in a mellow sort of way.

Watch this piece, and you may begin to feel the edges of your sanity begin to stay pretty much the same, but make you feel… like… 2% uneasy or something.

You might finally begin to comprehend the vaguely unsettling feeling people talk about on the news when they’ve just come from a placidly terrifying experience. You may experience no trouble sleeping, not all that much difficulty concentrating, you might think you’re hearing or seeing things, but not in a way that would make you lose your mind, just in a way that’s sort of weird or irksome. And it’s funny, did I mention that? Go see!