The Rocks of Chris Feldman Debut on Gothtober DAY 14

Visit Gothtober DAY 14 (The Hourglass) and see a funky little film involving the Rocks of the Gothtober MOM!

Chris Mom Feldman is a rock painter. She’s also a bicycle rider, Rotarian, business owner and tireless volunteer for various charities and events in her community. Mom’s all about community. I didn’t end up being a Head Candy Corn of Gothtober out of nowhere. Mom shows me all the time how reaching out to people and involving them in all kinds of cockamamie schemes is FUN and also extremely good for the well-being of people, and society in general.

Awhile ago I told Mom that maybe some rocks might look good on Gothtober, and she said she could make some pumpkin ones. Boy did she ever! I have never been so happy to receive a box of rocks via post! Mom says about the rocks:

“Some of them
have a personality, some scary and mean,
but all of them are silly at heart.”
Every one of Mom’s rocks was handpicked by her in places like Patrick’s Point up north, Goat Rock in Sonoma county and some river rocks.  She noted that they are so smooth from being tossed around by the sea and river flow.

Mom and I decided to pick the Gothtober date of October 14th for her rocks to go public, for a very special occasion, for a great guy.

This little Gothtober film was made by family for my FrankenBrother, James Parr, as today is his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Jimmy!
          Enjoy the “Rock Show!”

Love from Mom, Julianna and Coral

Gothtober MOM is Rocking the Rocks & Pumpkin Patch!

Rocks painted by Chris Feldsparr, Mother of the Head Candy Corn of

Time for a mid-month Gothtober “Fall Interlude”

Been feeling horribly homesick for the last three weeks. I grew up in a beautiful place, running through orchards to pick apples for pies that Mom would bake. I’d hide in Grapevines, and watch as over the months, they’d turn from rich deep green into a sea of fire colored wonder flanked by dark coniferous trees during Autumn. I miss the scent of the rich loam of northern dirt, mustard flowers, redwood trees and even the cow pies. Especially prevailing at this time of year is “first crush” or the smell of fermented grapes processed and placed into wooden barrels by wineries in their haste to take advantage of the season’s best. I may be an Angeleno, but river water runs in my blood, and I’m a Forestville girl at heart.

I also miss my family, who are all really awesome, and what makes homesickness even more excruciating? Photos from HOME! Mom sent me pictures of she and Papa Rick’s pumpkin patch, and she also sent me a photo of her fabulous halloween rocks! Mom’s a rock painter, as you can see, she’s quite good, and these petrified jack’o’lanterns are so dang adorable I want them ALL, but I’ll settle for just one, if she’s even giving them away! I think CraftNight’s going to have a rock painting night soon, thanks for the inspiration, Mom!

Mom and Papa Rick’s 2012 Pumpkin Patch Surprise! Look at ’em GROW!

And the PUMPKIN PATCH, well… in my mind I’m always thinking I’ll have a patch like this at some point, but our soil has so much clay, and it gets kind of hot for pumpkins down here, so it would take some kind of insane amount of diligence on our part to actually have a successful patch. For instance, itps 90 degrees outside right now! Scandalous!

But up north, it’s quite a bit cooler, there is fog, just the kind of cold damp environment for a squash to thrive. The Feldsparr Patch is AMAZING, just look at those pumpkins! Papa Rick is a consumate gardener, he’s always growing things in his garden, their potatoes are so buttery, their garlic is so  much better than supermarket garlic, or even farmer’s market garlic! It’s always a pleasure coming home and eating from their homegrown patch of veggies! I wonder if pie is going to happen, or soup, or pumpkin pizza, or if they’re going to turn into Jack’o’Lanterns… I hope we’ll get an update!

This concludes the Gothtober mid-month “Fall Interlude”, thanks for reading!

– Julianna Parr, Head Candy Corn