Kimberly Kim DAY 21

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.21.42 PM

Today’s beautiful short film DAY 21 on Gothtober haunts and hypnotizes your senses and reels you in to have a moment with the elusive gravity of existence. Kimberly Kim is a Los Angeles-based ornamental sound etcher who searches for sounds to sketch on trees. You may be more familiar knowing her as the silent  smiling bar maiden pouring delicious devil horn poisons and mixing tasty double vision snake oil elixirs at Akbar.

This is her Gothtober debut. Shifting footage, colors, animation, movement comes together to form a visual incantation accompanied by a temporal, resonant melody.

Do you hear a ballad? Do you see water? Whose face is that anyway? My eyeballs are fascinated! 

Peer into this piece, investigate, watch, and investigate further. Decipher what you will, the limitless availability of it gives you all you need and then some. There are a million and one ways to make a film, here is another, we are thrilled to present it.

Day 6: Something completely different

Gothtober XKiller Gothtober XKiller

Well, it wouldn’t be HUMP DAY without some proper scantily-clad, gender-bending, boundary-crossing, experimental fashion! Today’s piece by Xkiller showcases a most unusual fashion show from a few years back, and yet the motifs are unimpeachably timeless: pin stripes, golf plaids, torn shirts and bloody fist fights. Does the devil wear Prada? No, I think she dons an Xkiller tee and a fresh black eye.

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