YOLO ‘Cause it’s FroYo! • Gothtober Day 12

waller_kids_pinkscary PinkScary is the place for you, if you enjoy exotic or uh… alarming toppings for your indeterminate yogurt-like substance desserts! Click on Gothtober DAY 12 (The Book titled War and Pieces) and enter into this first person P.O.V. gastronomic experience with the Waller Kids!

The infamous “Pink Slime” has nothing on PinkScary. And what of PinkBerry?

Well no one knows what that’s made of either, but it’s just not as tasty as what the the PinkScary franchise has developed. I mean it really does appear to be an artisan situation with all those hard-to-get ingredients. We hope you’ll be able to try some soon, but get over there before the lines get too long, its popularity is growing.