Oct 282011

If you see any tear-jerking heartstring tugging fruit-oriented anthropomorphic film this year, make it this one! The bad luck of citrus love probably doesn’t hit all oranges, but one fine day in this orange grove, orange A meets orange B, and it’s a match made in heaven… but not for long! We’re not really sure what the fascination has been with Jamba Juice for Mr. Kheel… (last year’s piece, someone was drinking juice while hanging in the tanning bed) perhaps we’ll never know.

But honestly, it just isn’t Gothtober without Billy Kheel, he’s been with us since the beginning. His trademark weirdness prevails yet again for another season of the type of gruesome greatness we’ve come to expect from this skilled veteran. Working with Glen Alger Schricker, they’ve put together an emotional drama that hits every button from laughter to tears, and has changed the way you think about your fresh squeezed juice forever.

Want to know more about the artist? Here’s Billy’s site! 

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