Do You Believe in Ghosts? Watch Day 4

Rincy Samucake and Julianna(JP)Parr went out into the Los Angeles landscape and made a weirdo movie about restless spirits.

Rincy’s space metal band made the music, JP filmed the spirits in their restlessness.

Is it more comfortable to be restless rather than restful? Is one’s temptation from abiding with the moment a type of apparitional diversion?

When you’ve lost someone, how much of  yourself do you also lose, and do you ever get any of it back and do ghosts care about any of this? Is it all in your mind? Is it the fantods, or you, or is it both?

Do ghosts get mad if you forget them, and do they live in sewers and abandoned lots where people eat sandwiches in their cars all by themselves?

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