DAY 29: Undead Pirates vs. Society!

We’ve got stop motion, we’ve got live motion, we’ve got miniatures and pyrotechnics and classically trained animal movie stars! Coral Lobera’s mini film “The Fifth Rider of the Apocalypse” is chalk full of enough intriguing visuals to make you have weird dreams for months. It is so very tempting describe in full the surprises this film has to offer, but Gothtober doesn’t like spoilers, so mum’s the word, you’ll just have to go check it out.

Something we can definitely reveal is that this piece is accompanied by THREE types of metal music: Heavy Metal, Death Metal, and Instrumental Metal. It’s like having your very own college metal primer, worth 2 Gothtober University units!

And if you want your very own Ghost Pirates from Playmobile, they are available online, and big gross chain toy stores… and they glow in the dark. SO COOL.

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