Artist, Eva, Starts off Gothtober 2021!!!

Gourds and Goths, START YOUR ENGINES!!!!

This is just a lil’ preview of the entire image. Visit Gothtober and click on DAY ONE to see it Allll.

Gothtober has begunnnnnn! The very first day of the calendar starts with a lovely drawing by artist, Eva Azenaro Acero. Here’s what Eva had to say about this kickass illustration they made:

“For this year’s gothtober theme, Truckstop, I decided to go with a trucker witch! She drives across the country with her familiars -cyclops cats, embodiments of the three fates- looking for haunted places to explore. I used procreate for this piece, and added in a few little gears because if she’s not brewing up a potion, this little witch loves working on her truck!”

Wanna see some more great work from Eva? Check out this recent set of scrawls in no less than the New Yorker! And if you want to follow their process and see MORE beautiful lines and colors, check out their ol’ INSTA!

Happy Gothtober everyone! Right now we have the MOST Gothtober in front of us, can’t WAIT to see what each day reveals!

A Downtown Departure • Day 30

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 6.52.38 PM

Aunt Connie has been in Gothtober films before, we’re happy to have her again! Barry Morse put it all together, we follow Aunt Connie all over town, but someone is spying on her! Someone’s got a camera, what are they doing?

Aunt Connie has plans of her own, a type of departure some of us know about, and some of us have yet to know. Normalizing the difficult and the morbid is tough in a society that doesn’t really want to dwell on such subjects. Aunt Connie approaches such subjects approaches such things in a way that is hers, a way that is different. We need more of this.

She doesn’t really seem to give a hoot, whatever we think, galavanting along MacArthur Park, balloons in hand, feather duster at the ready, there goes everyone’s favorite Aunt! Aunt Connie! More power to her!

Impress Talks Travel for Gothtober DAY 11

When Impress speaks, people listen.
When Impress speaks, people listen.

She’s here, she’s dead, and she’s Gothtober DAY 11 (luggage #11) to you! Clutch your pearls and kick up you heels, this is Impress’s ghostly debut, and she’s going to wash those gold-plated problems you’ve got right down the Airbus toilet.

She knows that American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by removing 1 olive from each salad served in first class, and she wants that olive BACK. 

She also knows that cocktails are an airline’s third biggest expense, after fuel and maintenance. She has directly contributed to that statistic.

She remembers a time before now, when planes were planes and chicken was fish. Sit back, put your tray table down, order a gin and tonic, and enjoy!


Playin’ Games and Takin’ Names with Dianne Chadwick for Gothtober DAY 7

Work in progress, as Dianne was designing...
Work in progress, as Dianne was designing…

Happy Monday! To start off the week, Dianne Chadwick made you a BOARD GAME!!! OmigoshOmigosh how fun is THAT?!? All you have to do is visit DAY 7 on and download the game, follow the instructions, and you’re ready to experience the thrill of victory, or the agony of defeat. The game is called “Trick or Treat” and it consists of three pages that you print out, cut and assemble. It’s for players 5 and up, Dianne used her very own 5-year-old as her test subject, and said that

He loved it, but mostly just wanted to eat the candy.

Dianne wanted to make a game that you can pretty much play anywhere, all you really need is access to candy and coffee container lids (to serve as “cauldrons”) Here’s some info from the official “box instructions” of the game

It’s Halloween and mischief is in the air! Collect as much candy as you can and return home before your house is trashed by marauding tricksters!

One of the great things about this game is that if you lose game pieces, no worries. Just head to the snack bar and purchase some more jelly beans. Dianne hasn’t played this game with four people yet, so if you want to give feedback or tell us how you did playing “Trick or Treat” with four or more players, let us know. You should be able to extend game play by acquiring more candy. “Trick or Treat” can be played at the park, at recess, during your lunch hour, on the train, practically anywhere, it’s made for travel. We’ll be playing the game at CraftNight (at Akbar) this week, thanks Dianne for giving us this very clever and beautifully designed diversion for the Halloween holiday!