Zombie PSA • Gothtober DAY 6

zombie_style Have you been feeling okay? Visit Gothtober.com and click on Book 6, the one titled Tom Slayer. If you’re not feeling quite right, you might want to check out this informational pamphlet that gives you some useful tips on the symptoms you are experiencing this Halloween.

Saida Staudenmaier has quite the touch with the makeup brush, her site has some other Gothtoberesque photos on it, plus stuff from many of her other professional endeavors, check it out! Saida is quite fond of zombie makeup, she actually did a series of portraits based on the dearly departed, everyone looks a tad “stale” in an alluring yet repelling way that only Saida could truly master.

Hat’s off also to Jennifer Wenzlaff, the “main zombie” in this piece. Gothtober is powered by SparkleBlob, a multidisciplinary arts and performance  collective, your Head Candy Corn is Executive Director. Jen is on the SparkleBlob Board of Directors, and we think that this photo of her really shows you what SparkleBlob is all about, doesn’t she look great? Most importantly, she looks like she’s recently eaten brains, so we can breathe easy… for now.

Zombie Throat Punch • Gothtober DAY 17

We’ve seen a lot of helpful information about how to escape zombies if you are human. But how do you escape zombies if you’re another zombie? Or are you just unlucky if you’re a zombie and you both have different goals in mind for your productive day? LB Forever found some zombies and filmed them in action.

Visit Gothtober DAY 17 and click on luggage 17 if you want a glimpse of how sometimes, zombies just get annoyed with each other. As slow-moving and hygiene-absent as they are, they’ve still got stuff to do, and even the most undead person sometimes gets exasperated.