Gothtober 2016 is HERE!!! Richert Gordon Salondaka on Deck!


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Mr. Salondaka is a force to be reckoned with, the kind of maestro specialist who is even now scrumpling the windows of various retail locations with Christmas display finery during a HEAT WAVE in sunny northern California! We are honored to begin Gothtober with “The Salondaka Touch!”

“The Salondaka Touch” (as it’s come to be known) is scrumptious, generous, gorgeous, and splendid. Richert has decided to share some of his wisdom with you, a tutorial on how to make your very own eyeball wreath for the upcoming Halloween Holiday! You now have 30 days to go make your own!

Your completed Spider Web of Bloodshot Eyeballs Wreath will have everyone screaming with wild glee and terror!

You can find Richert Gordan Salondaka’s vintage and jewelry designs wares at:

“Gin’Gilli’s Vintage Home” In Geyserville, California:

“Jimmy Girl” Vintage In Santa Rosa, California:

He has also been the Holiday Merchandising Campaign Manager at Corrick’s Stationery & Gifts.  He is responsible for decorating and trimming all of the in-store Christmas trees, tablescape displays, and windows.  Corrick’s is a local, family-owned stationery and gift business, serving Sonoma County for over 100 years!  They offer a broad range of merchandise, ranging from fine gifts to office supplies, and works by local artists to personalized stationery and invitations:

“Corrick’s” In Historical Downtown Santa Rosa, California:

Richert also runs and curates a shop on – he is passionate about anything vintage, tattered, forlorn, & once cherished.  In antique objects he is blind to inherent flaws or damage…rather, he celebrate a piece’s “innate beauty”, “character”, & “history”!  Most of the merchandise he purveys is religious or spiritual in nature, but every once in a while he will list something that is a little bit quirky, odd, or unique – he is a firm believer in the adage “Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder”!  Visit his online store here:

Ave Immaculata on Etsy:

Richert & Ave Immaculata proudly announce the debut of a new jewelry line called “Élan Vital Neck Treasures”!  This selection of original and couture one-of-a-kind body adornments incorporates a collection of Holy Medallions, Found Objects, Cherished Talismans, & Sacred Amulets.  Find your own kind of “MAGIC” in one of these unique creations imbued with Poetic Love & Romantic Nostalgia.  Some celebrity clientèle who wear his jewelry creations include: Amy Poehler, Courtney Love, & Delta Burke!!!

Day 5: Cocktails, anyone?

Gothtober Ben LingGothtober Ben Ling

You know it’s October when you’re drinking cocktails involving candycorn-infused vodka. You heard me. And that’s just one of THREE amazing, haunted cocktail recipes offered by restaurateur Ben Ling. He also provides a handy guide to making an en-GROSS-ing cocktail garnish that very closely resembles an eyeball, but much more delicious. How many recipes do you have that include the instruction, “stuff eyeball into socket”? Hmmm? Well, now you have exactly one. Bottoms up!

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