LA Ghosts for DAY 16


Day 16 of features the night antics of a couple of wayward ghosts on their way to somewhere else. The film is called “Terminus” having to do with the termination of life, along with the terminals we wait in while we’re taking whatever journeys both life and death require of us.

Shot in and around Vernon and 26th St. of Los Angeles, the ghosts make their way in and around the belly of the city. They go a-haunting among diesel engines, intermodal containers, and corridors of active and forgotten tracks.

Julianna Parr does Gothtober artwork under the guise of Danny Torrance, Ichabod Brains, and other pseudonyms. She is head Candy Corn of the Gothtober Countdown Calendar.

The Rocks of Chris Feldman Debut on Gothtober DAY 14

Visit Gothtober DAY 14 (The Hourglass) and see a funky little film involving the Rocks of the Gothtober MOM!

Chris Mom Feldman is a rock painter. She’s also a bicycle rider, Rotarian, business owner and tireless volunteer for various charities and events in her community. Mom’s all about community. I didn’t end up being a Head Candy Corn of Gothtober out of nowhere. Mom shows me all the time how reaching out to people and involving them in all kinds of cockamamie schemes is FUN and also extremely good for the well-being of people, and society in general.

Awhile ago I told Mom that maybe some rocks might look good on Gothtober, and she said she could make some pumpkin ones. Boy did she ever! I have never been so happy to receive a box of rocks via post! Mom says about the rocks:

“Some of them
have a personality, some scary and mean,
but all of them are silly at heart.”
Every one of Mom’s rocks was handpicked by her in places like Patrick’s Point up north, Goat Rock in Sonoma county and some river rocks.  She noted that they are so smooth from being tossed around by the sea and river flow.

Mom and I decided to pick the Gothtober date of October 14th for her rocks to go public, for a very special occasion, for a great guy.

This little Gothtober film was made by family for my FrankenBrother, James Parr, as today is his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Jimmy!
          Enjoy the “Rock Show!”

Love from Mom, Julianna and Coral