Gothtober Day 4 Comic Art with Siri Fisher

Visit and click on DAY 4 to see the comic art of Siri Fisher!
We here at Gothtober are shrieking into our bile soup and wailing and gnashing our teeth in pride! Siri grew up with Gothtober, and now she’s a middle schooler, and she likes to draw, and made us a Gothober piece, and we just couldn’t be more proud! We remember when she was just a tiny baby zombie, sucking on brain juice from her bottle, clawing up the sides of the house, chasing rats and levitating them with her mind, oh, such sweet days. We’d like to thank Siri’s parents who helped her in this endeavor and raised a fine upstanding creative citizen!
The young Siri has completed SIXTY drawings and made them into a sequenced animatic for our bloodshot eyeballs! Not only is this piece from the future (it was drawn digitally) but it’s a complex story that is both somber and sweet, mercurial and solemn, with classic notes of anime, and the finish kicks in with Edward Gorey-esque overtones. We think Siri’s piece is a fine creation to add to Gothtober’s macabre museum of fall season offerings, and we couldn’t be more verklempt at her success on this auspicious occasion. You can see more of her art on Twitter @roastedudon.
Siri is the youngest Gothtober artist to submit a piece at age 13. Our other youngest artist to submit a piece some years ago was Nyssa Oru, who was 15 when she sent in her work, and who recently graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. This, of course, makes Gothtober feel even MORE old than ever, but since we’re undead anyway, and age doesn’t really apply to us, we’ll just process the fame and glory of this moment from beneath the earth’s silty loam.
Gothtober fulfills its mission in part by forming and fostering opportunities for art makers and art doers. It provides stressful deadlines and requirements for existing and aspiring artists. Thus, Gothtober is some kind of weird rite of passage at any age for anyone who is learning the terrifying commitments of rules, phases, and target dates in the artistic world. We’d like to think we’re responsible for ghoulish, churlish, lycanthropic, vampiric, behavior, as well as causing tension, tension headaches, sleeplessness, worry, and other deliciously unsavory emotions.
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Day 2 with Comic Artist Jenn Paige Gordon


Visit and click on DAY 2 and enjoy a lycanthropic comic by Jenn Paige Gordon! 

It is said that werewolves are shapeshifting creatures with mindblowing strength, speed, reflexes, and senses. Werewolves have a rich, long history. It was in the year of 1591 that German villagers cornered what they thought was a regular wolf and were stunned when it turned out to be not a wolf, but a man named Peter Stubbe from the same village. Just to be safe, they put Peter on a torture wheel, and eventually, his head ended up on a stick for everyone in town to contemplate. It hasn’t been much easier for werewolves since. Just ask Remus Lupin! 

Jenn Page Gordon arts her way through the southland and beyond, navigating and forming wonderful freestyle words and watercolors with bright gorgeous hues and adventurous state of paint! Her pieces are the works of an explorer, vivid views from a traveler, whose work brings you something new every time you look. If you happen to visit one of LA’s many coffee shops, you may catch her schlepping just beyond the bend, napsack on her back, paintbrush in her hand, adventures to be told!

Find more of Jenn’s wonderful work on Instagram as Evening_Creatures!