2 Weddings and a Funeral for Gothtober DAY 4: Yuki Okada

Some of the other lovely and delicious recipes by Yuki found on her website 

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From the creator of AryaBakesAPie.com comes a brand new bloody good recipe for Red Wedding Molten Cakes! Yuki Okada decided to create a series of illustrated recipes based on the HBO Blockbuster show, Game of Thrones. For Gothtober, she’s created a red velvet/molten cake combo recipe in honor of the most infamous wedding in Westeros!  It involves a ganache center, ramekins, heating, chilling, and a whole lot of passion, dismay, deceit, despair… aw hell just… ALL THE FEELINGS.

The resulting cakes, if you follow instructions, will mix together lovely presentation with a delectably gooey center that is aptly named “2 Weddings and a Funeral.”

For more wondrous innovations from Yuki’s kitchen, visit her website, AryaBakesAPie. 


Gothtober Day 27: A Recipe from the Kitchen of Yuki Okada

Visit www.gothtober.com and click on DAY 27 to get a rather tasty recipe from Yuki Okada, author and illustrator of Arya Bakes a Pie, which is her website hosting recipes inspired by the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” You can look up recipes by course, OR by house, so for Gothtober, she decided to share with us a recipe from House Stark!
All these recipes have been cooked, tested, written, designed and illustrated by Yuki who is really adept at doing all of the things just listed.
For this particular recipe, she made multiple savory pies and tested the recipe oh… I dunno, like FIVE TIMES to get just the right technique and ingredients! It’s a biggie deep dish pie, you gotta use a springform pan, which is a lil’ advanced, but totally worth it. As the days get shorter and cooler, you’re gonna need a pie like this one to get you through winter because… winter is coming.