Gothtober Day 3 with Odious Ari

Visit and click on DAY 3 for a graveyard ditty from Odious Ari!
Well what have we here but international SUPERSTAR, Odious Ari with a hand hewn music video from the good ol’ days! I wanted to know more, so I wrote Odious a telegram, and wouldn’t you know, I got a telegram BACK with some “behind the scenes” information! Here’s what Western Union delivered:
It was shot at Hollywood Forever STOP Joey Jenkins was the cinematographer and David Gutierrez directed and PA-ed STOP We were really concerned about being offensive and/or upsetting people who may have been there to actually honor to their relatives, but it’s hard when you are three weirdos with a mannequin leg, creepy baby doll, accordion and banjolele STOP When people approached where we were shooting, we tried to look “normal” (hard to do as Odious) and hide the goods, hence the photo of the leg sticking out behind the tombstone STOP 
Odious also said “The baby doll and I had a delightful little nap together. It was past both our nap times and we were getting cranky. A little shut-eye and we were back to waltzing. We also both ended up wetting our pants, and that was the cue for the shoot (and Joey and David’s willingness to be around me) to end. The song is called Fifteen More Years and it’s a duet between a terrible father (played by Odious) and a goth, butch quinceanera (also played by Ari) who hates every minute of her “celebration.”
We are delighted as peach pie and pumpkin buckle to show this rousing tune and visual accompaniment to Gothtober’s queasy, creaky, creepy collection of Halloween entertainment! Thanks, Odious!
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The TSA Took My Baby Away! Heather Harkins, Gothtober DAY 8

Heather “Hard Time” Harkins, showing off her 1920s banjolele!

It’s “Tawdry Tuesday” for Gothtober DAY 8 and Heather Harkins is pushing the limits of our delicate nature by bringing us this revealing piece about airport scans! 2013 marks the end of nude scans in U.S. Airports! Gothtober International Airport is no different, it’s still using the nude scans until they go out of service, and Heather documented what goes on with these machines!

Heather lives in Nova Scotia, that’s right, you heard me: Nova Scotia! That’s very far away from Los Angeles, the home of Gothtober. This is very thrilling because the beauty of internet art is that you can be thousands of miles away and STILL be part of the Gothtober Countdown Calendar. Gothtober hopes to keep luring artists from all over the world to it’s creepy countdown crypt!

About this piece, Harkins says

I don’t know anyone who enjoys going through airport security, so I thought that by setting my piece at an airport security checkpoint, there would be an element of squeamish terror. Once that creepiness was out of the way, and I let myself be entirely goofy with my drawings and the accompanying jingle.


I asked Heather, when she sent in the jingle that goes with her piece if she was playing a banjo or a ukelele, and the answer is YES! She’s playing a 1920s banjolele that she found in Rochester, NY and took back with her to Nova Scotia. This is the banjolele’s VERY FIRST public debut! You heard it on Gothtober!