Thomas Family Treats! DAY 2

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Usually it’s kids asking Grownups for treats, but today this kid is giving us an art treat! 

Go to and click on day 2 for a nice surprise.

Today we present a beautiful collection of FOUR seasonal images for you to download, print and hang in your home, your office, your classroom!  C. Thomas, renowned kid artist gives you this packet of full color images that will give you merry Halloween memories for years to come! Here’s what you get:

  • The Web of Wonders! An orange and black web of varied creatures provide a succulent meal for eight-legged arachnids! 
  • Dimensional presentation of hissing creatures! Look out, they might bite! 
  • The Annual Night Time Food Festival, where they’ve got a very gory farm special for sale! Supernatural savings! 
  • A 13th birthday party for Gothtober, complete with mini ghosts, pumpkins, banners and plenty of other happy guests! 

The Thomas Family worked together to make these tableaus for us to enjoy, they are indeed a family of many talents. This family loves to make stuff, and Heather Thomas, the Mom of the operation, has a food blog with recipes on it like dairy free Mac-n-Cheese, Ginger Snaps, and Mexican Chocolate Brownie cookies!!! Her husband, Russ, is a chef extraordinaire, if you are ever up in San Luis Obispo and they offer to cook you anything… just say yes.



Willya look at that? Gothtober’s a TEENAGER now!

It’s our thirteenth year, and it’s off to a good start, we’re HTML-ified! No more Flash! This means you can see us on your phone and your pad and your lap thing and your hologram machine and your blimp and your console! Visit GOTHTOBER 2015, and of course, check here for all Gothtober news!

Gothtober Eve 2014



While we did hear that Los Angeles temperatures were possibly going to climb back up into triple digits, Gothtober is staunchly dedicated to keepin’ it Fall. We are going to be SO maudlin, scary, weird and droll, that we’re going to make the weather bend to our will so that we can start working on seasonal soup recipes. Basically, if we can’t get the “chill in the air” to come over here, we’ll just go to it.

When the clock strikes midnight, the calendar will launch, and once again we shall twirl down the rabbit hole of miraculous and demented delights from our Gothtober Contributors. We are, to put it lightly, “agog.”

Gothtober Drop Deadline: MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!!!


Gothtober 2014 Incantation! 

Witches and wizards, and ghosts full of fright,
Apply for Gothtober before twelve at night!

The clock it’s a ticking, your time’s running out,
This year will be one to remember, no doubt!

Prepare all your poisons and pickles and potions,
Begin harvesting all your terrible notions!

Arise and bestow upon us your grave whim
Whether bloody or funny or really quite grim

Just thirty-one doors will be part of Gothtober
Make sure you come join us before it’s all over!

Okay, now you know, and so you have been warned
If you have any questions contact Head Candycorn!





Bloody Skull and Sept 5th Deadline Reminder!

Nothing feels like autumn more than sitting around a skull candle with family and friends anticipating the arrival of waxy gore, what a crowd pleaser! For less than eight bucks you can get one of these adorable things, light it, and watch the red oozy blood burble slowly out of its eye sockets, impress your loved ones.
Get yours at 100 Candles for $7.50 or $19.89 for three!

Meantime: 5 Days Left! Gothtober Applications Due midnight on Friday, September 5th!

Apply NOW!

Gothtober Application Deadline EXTENDED to Sept. 5th!

Due to the fact that I accidentally ERASED the Gothtober application data and it was down for a few days, some of you were unable to apply because nothing was there! I re-installed the data, and anyone who couldn’t find the form will have no trouble finding it now!

Gothtober is an online advent-style calendar that counts down the days to Halloween, and it consists of 31 “doors”, each day revealing a Halloween treat made by a different contributor! We do this because we LOVE Halloween, and we love bringing everyone together engage with each other, make and do stuff and celebrate the season. It’s ART, goshdarnit!

This blog is not Gothtober, this blog just tells you everything about Gothtober, if you want to see the calendar, go HERE. 

You don’t have to be an “artist” or an “expert” to be part of Gothtober, and we always need new blood so to speak. If all you have is snapshots and some napkins with words on them: I can help you turn that into a slideshow!

This year we will actually be handing out AWARDS for various pieces, and we’re calling it “The Ichabods” complete with PRIZES! Prizes will be announced soon, we’re working on that, but please consider scrunching up your gray matter and making something fun or frightening for Gothtober’s Ghoulish Group for 2014, APPLY TODAY!

Below are types of things that Gothtober has shown for the last decade: 

3-minute movies
Rat Cake Recipe
Severed Head Crochet Project
Halloween Sound Effects
Board Games

Slideshows of photos/drawings
3 minute Animated shorts
Music videos
Color-n-Cut Hearse Vehicles

Music Mixes
Scary Reading Lists
Halloween Bicycle Tours
Haunted Socks
Pig wearing many Costumes


Gothtober 2014 Call for Artists! Apply by August 29th!


It’s August, do you know where your “Eye of Newt” is?

  • APPLICATIONS ARE DUE AUGUST 29th, 2013 >>>> Apply HERE 
  • Participants will be notified of admission on September 1st, 2014
  • Upon acceptance, a $25 registration fee is required.
  • Theme: Gothtober Bookshelf (Literary
  • Get explanations for just about all of this by visiting the (newly revised!) Gothtober FAQ

If you think it’s not time to start thinking about Gothtober, you obviously haven’t been to the CRAFT store lately! Suddenly, all of the little sand pails and BBQ notepads have disappeared and have been replaced by foam pumpkins and hay bales!

Maybe you don’t know what kind of thing you want to make for Gothtober, here are some of the things we’ve seen in the last 12 years:

3 minute films – crazy, funny, scary, weird, complicated, simple, sexy, terrifying, endearing, sentimental, naughty, bawdy, barmy, beanie, funky, musical, etc.

Crafts – Cut-outs, coloring pages, how-to-projects like masks, games or paper models

Recipes – Shared blueprints for delicious delectables, soups, salads, baked goods and other Halloween Time Treats.

Music – Recorded performances of a song, or a mix of other songs, downloadable mixes, sound effects and other audible goodies.

Stories – Written stories and ideas, shared lists of places or scary books or things to do, epic mysteries that keep Gothtober readers on edge, ghoulish poems, essays, tales from the crypt…

Photos – Photo essays and slideshows that can tell a story or just present things beautifully! Show us your sock collection, the guy who pumps up the inflatable pumpkin at the car dealership every morning, show us your town, show us your costumes!

Anything Else! – Sometimes people make things we’ve never ever heard of, which is very exciting indeed!

This year will be the FIRST year of the Gothtober Ichabod Awards, stay tuned for that, but in the meantime, get your gray matter gunnin’ for some ideas and send us your application ASAP!



Gothtober 2012 is LIVE!!!

The step-by-step sketching process of illustrating the Gothtober 2012 interface, launching on our 10th Anniversary!

Eeeeeeaaauuuuuggghhhh!!! It’s GOTHTOBER TIME, we are LIVE!
Presenting another 31 selected autumn varietals for your discerning visual appetite, please visit this instant and tell me if you thought that scare crow stuck its tongue out at you. It did, right? (I hope so!)

More details about DAY 1 posted soon, but for now, let’s give a hat’s off to Jesse Albini, Cristin Pescosolido, Josh Fielstra and yes… me, because we were all clenching our butt cheeks getting this one out the door! There were technical difficulties, but thanks to quick thinking, ingenuity and common sense, you now have the calendar, and it’s time for the countdown!

The Gothtober Artists are IN!!!

After a laborious Labor Day Weekend of hemming and hawing, figurer-outering and making it all fit together for the best gosh darn 10th Anniversary Gothtober EVARRRRR… the names are IN, and here are the artists that will be participating in this year’s exceptional mixed bag of creepy crazy fun! Thank you everyone who applied, if we didn’t catch you this year, we’ll surely be creeping toward you the next year! Now then, the sluice gates are open, the cauldron’s firing up, got plenty of jars of dried newt tails and pixie dust, time to make stuff woooooooooooooooooooo!!!!