Gothtober Day Day 14: PUMPkin starring: Cassils!

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Oct 142017
 Visit and click on DAY 14 to see what the latest exercise trend is for fall!
It’s never too late to begin your path to a healthy, strong body, and Cassils is HERE with a new program called “PUMPkin.” It involves a rigorous fitness routine combining meditation, transformation, jubilation, fabulation, and really a lot of orange-colored fall season squash. This is your cornucopia of fully-realized components, bringing you the work/life balance you’ve always dreamed of, the workout is only 6 hours long, and you’ll feel the results instantly!
Seriously though, the feats captured in this informercial are REAL, showing the raw power that Cassils packs into an explosive display of glorious and challenging calisthenics right before your very eyes.

Find out more about Cassils and JP  here! 

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Gothtober Day Friday the 13th with Federico Tobon of Wolfcat Workshop!

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Oct 132017
 Visit and click on DAY 13 for an instructional video and downloadable paper craft from Federico Tobon!
Happy FRIDAY THE 13th! Welcome to a BLOODY game of cat and mouse! I suppose you can decide how much mayhem in this scene will play out when you download, print and build the components yourself. Federico has made for us a Kitty-Jason Voorhees-themed folding paper project involving a mask-wearing feline and a rodent that will surely meet its fate! If anyone invites you to Camp Crystal Lake tonight, tell them you can’t go because you have important paper crafts to make… I hear it gets a tad boisterous, out there in the woods, some pesky death curse or whatever.

Find out more about the artist, Federico Tobon, and Wolfcat Workshop here! 

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Gothtober Day 12 Zombie MakeUp Tutorial with Sabine Maxine!

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Oct 122017
Visit and click on DAY 12 for a Zombie MakeUp Tutorial with Sabine Maxine!
This is our VERY FIRST makeup tutorial, and it couldn’t come at a better time, we need more guidance in this area, we’re so thankful the walking dead stepped in to give us some pointers.

1. You should broaden your undead horizons. It’s easy to find yourself stuck in a living rut. If you’ve been using the same spider fangs, wolf hair and rat tails for years, you may not realize that there are more gruesome and terrifying options for you! Go to a witches counter or take a cemetery lesson (maybe even “hire” that BFF of yours with mad makeup skills in exchange for some Starbucks) and have them go to town. While a rotted eye socket may not be your cup of tea, a quick swipe of formaldehyde or mold could really spruce up your look!

2. It could jumpstart MAJOR changes. Never take the power of having no head for granted. It could land you that boost of confidence you needed to find your dream haunt, new monsters, new hobbies — a whole new and exciting afterlife!

3. Pampering yourself reduces major stress. Shopping for body parts after dark = stress relief. The relaxation of getting a spooky-pedi, the newfound self-assurance of finally getting that blood-curdling scream from terrified villagers— nothing takes your mind off that big haunting project or jerk who won’t text you back like taking care of your brains, cadaver and fallen soul.

4. Your current routine just isn’t cutting it. A zombie makeover doesn’t just stop with your makeup! If your mealworms aren’t wormy, your claw polish chips in a night, your foundation is melting and your mascara is crumbling … you (and your zombie beauty routine) are in need of a makeover. What’s the point of using these fancy products if they insist on making promises they can’t keep? Find things that really work for you, so that you can look and feel your best (because remember, big haunting ahead!).

5. Most importantly, because you don’t need a reason! This essentially encompasses everything and nothing because at the end of the day, why the heck not? It’s fun, fun and oh, loads of fun! Order some deep-fried kitten hearts and invite your friends, cousins, mom, grandma and have everyone try new looks. You’re never too old to play dress up with your zombie beauty stash! Never!

Find out more about Sabine Maxine and Patty Wack Vintage  here! 

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Gothtober Day 11 Cash 4 Organs!!!

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Oct 112017
Visit and click on DAY 11 to find out more about Cash4Organs!

Today’s gothtober day was proudly sponsored by, the premier organ sales site.

Surely you have an extra kidney, lung, or eye laying about. So do Millions of Americans! Maybe you are already an organ recipient and don’t need it anymore. Maybe it has sentimental value but you won’t ever need that kidney. Wouldn’t you like to get cash for that organ? is the original online organ buyer.

We’ll give you CASH for your organs. Our process is Secure. Fast.


Find out more about Day 11  here! 

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Gothtober Quinceañera Day 10 with Moonhouse Productions!

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Oct 102017
Visit and click on DAY 10 to see quite the party from Moonhouse Productions!

Day 10 is brought to you by Moon House Productions, also known as Paprika Clark and Emily Hansen. Emily and Paprika are multi-talented creative types. They met after college and have known each other for over 20 years – but they never played with dolls together until they brainstormed the idea for their Quinceañera-themed Gothtober project.

The characters starring in Dia de La Quinceañera started out as previously loved Bratz and Monster High dolls tracked down on Ebay and garage sales. Each was carefully auditioned and screen tested, then hand painted and costumed in (mostly) custom made clothing. The Moon House crew managed to spend weeks designing the characters and crafting the look and style of the film without dancing the dolls around and talking for them…. Much.

In the end our favorite character ideas were the ones that filled out the film as background artists – the Ghost of Frida Kahlo and our Dia de los Muertos figure, who are both at the party repping the ancestors. Long live our honored forebearers!

After many layers of artist’s acrylic paint and Mr. Super Clear sealant and some strategic use of polymer clay, the dolls were ready for their closeups. Emily’s son, Trenton, improvised and performed the musical score, and Emily put her magical effects and editing skills together to make the gem you see before you.

We enjoyed these creations immensely, and look forward to making many more variations on these themes in the future. If you would like to see more on the doll-creation process (and possibly buy one of the “actors” for your own collection), please visit

Find out more about Moonhouse Productions and other Gothtober contributor bios are here! 
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Gothtober Day 9 Story Time with Pauly G

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Oct 082017
Visit and click on DAY 9 to see an animated story by Pauly G and family!

Paul and his siblings used to listen to Nanny BeeBee’s Gruesome Tales that she would tell them before bedtime. “Buddy and the Fishhook” is a TRUE story that took place in Philadelphia in 1921.

Told with animated paper cut-outs with limbs sewn together with needle and thread, this little story is short, sweet, and well… kinda GROSS! Paul said that this story his Grandmother told always held a vivid scene in his imagination, and he said that it was lots of fun to bring to life.

This wasn’t the only one she told either, she had many, some of them quite macabre!

Future Gruesome Tales might include:

Aunt Rose and The Million Dollar PierElsie and The Box of ChocolatesThe Cat o’ Nine Tails and Poor Adeline.

Paul’s Mother, Marcy, does the narration on this, and his son, Francis, plays the piano at the end! Thank you to Lecie, Trixy and everyone who came together to make a really great mini-gristly project!

Paul’s bio and other Gothtober contributor’s bios are here! 
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Gothtober Day 8 Drawings from Nora Rachel

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Oct 082017
Visit and click on DAY 8 to see drawings of the Frankensteins by Nora Rachel!
I bet you didn’t know that “Frankenstein” means “Stone of the Franks” in German, eh? It was a castle that sat near the Rhine River, and a fellow named Konrad Dippel lived in there, trying to make a potion that would help people live past age 100. He was a pretty weird guy, the stuff he was working on was going to be called “Dippel’s Oil.” There was a rumor that Dippel would go out at night, dig up and then experiment on bodies, you know… for research.
There are some who believe that Mary and Percy Shelley visited nearby this location and that it was the inspiration for Mary’s character, Dr. Frankenstein.
The story of Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus, was written when Mary was merely 18, and published two years later in 1818 to critics who gave it reviews that were beyond harsh. However, stories of a gothic nature were all the rage, so people kept buying and reading the book, and it’s now considered to be the very first science fiction novel.

Even though body modification and transformation has existed since humans have been around, something about science gave people the heebie jeebies and they just couldn’t view it as “natural.” The Bride of Frankenstein film gave consciousness and voice to society’s misgivings about technology.

Today we’ve got people walking around with artificial heart parts, robot knees, botoxed foreheads, liver transplants, all kinds of Franken-stuff… we’re getting closer to throwing out all that “Icarus” baggage and living longer/happier lives through the applied sciences.
Here then, are portraits of two icons, the”forbidden” creatures of the undead: One of Dr. Frankenstein’s creation (the monster itself) and another likeness, that of the monster’s bride.
 See more of Nora Rachel’s art for view and for sale right HERE! 
 Read Nora’s bio and other Gothtober contributor’s bios here! 
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Gothtober Day 6 Comic Pages with Jenn Paige Gordon!

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Oct 062017
Visit and click on DAY 6 to see two gorgeous comic panels by artist, Jenn Paige Gordon!
It’s Gothtober’s 15th year of counting down the days to Halloween, this means it’s our Quinceañera Celebration!

Quinceañeras tend to incorporate a lot of symbolism into various aspects of the day, from the quince court to the reception.

One tradition calls for the quinceañera to wear flats during the ceremony.  She will continue to wear them to the reception and during the time leading up to the traditional quince waltz. Just before the waltz, a changing of the shoes ceremony will take place.

So what you’re witnessing in these wonderful illustrations from Jenn Paige Gordon is the BEFORE and AFTER of the little witch’s shoes!

A pumpkin-ghost-ghoulish hat’s off to Jenn Paige Gordon for joining our 15th year Calendar!
 Read Jenn Paige Gordon’s bio and other Gothtober contributor’s bios here! 
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Gothtober Day 5 Papier Maché project with Ananda and Kierston!

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Oct 052017
Visit and click on DAY 5 to see a mystery project revealed from Ananda and Kierston VanDeStefano!
From a humble beginnings starts this three dimensional sculptural project, and what, dear Gothtober viewer, will it be? Observe with each frame what transpires next, culminating in quite the lovely centerpiece! I’m not going into detail because I don’t want to give away the surprise! We really enjoyed watching this piece come together, it’s some balm for the turbulence of our times, a cheerful respite that bolsters your psyche for going back out and dealing with the world. Making art is an essential component of what makes up the human spirit.

We’re the only species that makes stuff like this, we’re weird like that. This piece made us itch to go clear a spot at Gothtober headquarters, go get some paints and supplies, and perhaps make our own version of a “specialty fall item.” I hope it does that for you too, because we honestly need more of it right now. We always need more art.

Making art is an act of defiance in this world of commercial enterprise, which is why Gothtober is so stubborn and persistent. Growing up, people are like “be a lawyer, a doctor, a salsa salesperson, ANYTHING BUT AN ARTIST!!!” Because… despite the fact that we’re surrounded by words, imagery, shapes and colors everyday that make our lives amazing, people believe that art is a frivolous pursuit. Artists fight a losing battle, starve, and die, and are famous when they are dead. Nobody wants that for you.
In order to make arty stuff, you kind of have to shut out the naysaying voices (both real and imagined) and believe in yourself and what you want. You just have to stop thinking so hard about expectations, results, how any of this is practical, and just roll up your sleeves and make a thing. That’s why this piece is so awesome, it clears the way for autumn crafting in a really fun, no nonsense way, which is refreshing! Thanks for sharing your papier maché skills with us, Ananda and Kierston!
Read Ananda and Kierston’,  and other Gothtober contributor’s bios here! 
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Gothtober Day 4 Comic Art with Siri Fisher

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Oct 042017
Visit and click on DAY 4 to see the comic art of Siri Fisher!
We here at Gothtober are shrieking into our bile soup and wailing and gnashing our teeth in pride! Siri grew up with Gothtober, and now she’s a middle schooler, and she likes to draw, and made us a Gothober piece, and we just couldn’t be more proud! We remember when she was just a tiny baby zombie, sucking on brain juice from her bottle, clawing up the sides of the house, chasing rats and levitating them with her mind, oh, such sweet days. We’d like to thank Siri’s parents who helped her in this endeavor and raised a fine upstanding creative citizen!
The young Siri has completed SIXTY drawings and made them into a sequenced animatic for our bloodshot eyeballs! Not only is this piece from the future (it was drawn digitally) but it’s a complex story that is both somber and sweet, mercurial and solemn, with classic notes of anime, and the finish kicks in with Edward Gorey-esque overtones. We think Siri’s piece is a fine creation to add to Gothtober’s macabre museum of fall season offerings, and we couldn’t be more verklempt at her success on this auspicious occasion. You can see more of her art on Twitter @roastedudon.
Siri is the youngest Gothtober artist to submit a piece at age 13. Our other youngest artist to submit a piece some years ago was Nyssa Oru, who was 15 when she sent in her work, and who recently graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. This, of course, makes Gothtober feel even MORE old than ever, but since we’re undead anyway, and age doesn’t really apply to us, we’ll just process the fame and glory of this moment from beneath the earth’s silty loam.
Gothtober fulfills its mission in part by forming and fostering opportunities for art makers and art doers. It provides stressful deadlines and requirements for existing and aspiring artists. Thus, Gothtober is some kind of weird rite of passage at any age for anyone who is learning the terrifying commitments of rules, phases, and target dates in the artistic world. We’d like to think we’re responsible for ghoulish, churlish, lycanthropic, vampiric, behavior, as well as causing tension, tension headaches, sleeplessness, worry, and other deliciously unsavory emotions.
Read Siri’s and other Gothtober contributor’s bios here! 
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