Megan Hobza’s Ghost Story for Day 7!

Don’t believe everything you hear!

Citizens band UNITE! What ever happened to LARGE MARGE? Do you know who we’re talkin’ about? The Headless Horsepower talk show is here to walk us through it… or float through it… they are ghosts, I don’t see any feet on the hosts!

We’re not sure who Megan Hobza knew in order to get permission to be in the studio with real ghosts for this incredible dialogue, but somehow it happened, and the camera captured them perfectly, hats and all. The spirits are alive and well on the CB.

This is a VERY SPECIAL and rare interview with one of the supernatural world’s most FAMOUS truckers, it’s quite the exposé, Gothtober is privileged to get the scoop from Bubba! We’ve all heard the story, we all saw the film. Is it just a pack of lies? Who is the monster REALLY?

If you’re driving at night, and you see a little dude by the side of the road in a grey suit who is smiling a little too keenly at you… just KEEP DRIVING!!! And then take yourself to the nearest coffee shop, order a cup o’ joe, tip your server generously, and tell ’em Large Marge sent ya!