Gothtober 2020 Contributors Announced!

The Demons Have Voted, The Kraken is Quite Pleased! 

Hark! Hark to the wind! ’T is the night, they say,
When all souls come back from the far away—
The dead, forgotten this many a day!
~Virna Sheard (1862–1943), “Hallowe’en”

On October 1st, when the countdown begins, a new surprise by a different artist launched each day until Halloween. Our EIGHTEENTH autumn assemblage will contain films, crafts, recipes and goodies of all kinds to your portable device or desktop, you needn’t go anywhere or do anything, it comes to YOU! See here our sinister selection of spooky contributors this year: 

1 – Farley & Breon 
2 – Cristin Pescosolido 
3 – Ollie Paige Linden
4 – Thomas Family
5 – Bill Cole 
6 – Auntie Lyla
7 – Horror Movie Survival Guide
8 – Linda Santiman 
9 – Pauly G
10 – Sibyl O’Malley
11 – Yuki Okada

12 – Christine Panushka
13 – Liz Hogan
14 – Julianna Parr 
15 – Lori Meeker
16 – Anne Yatco
17 – Dominique Dibbell
18 – Breezy 
19 – Asher Slasher
20 – Michael Gump
21 – WolfCat Workshop
22 – Mojo & Hojo 

23 – Jenny Walsh 
24 – LeBarron & Half Tongue Tribe
25 – Martin Ontiveros
26 – Del Norte Presents
27 – The Witchy Witches 
28 – Sabine Maxine
29 – Mellocreme Fairchild III
30 – Barry M and Nancy S
31 – Lisa McNeely 

Red Type = New to the Calendar this year!

Than you thank you participants! While we can’t be witch each other due to the virus, we’ll still flaunt and haunt to the best of our abilities. And oh my gourdness, I can hardly wait to see what eerie-sistible spells we’ll cast this year. A scare is born! ~xo JP Head Candy Corn

Something Wicked this Day 17 Comes with Lisa McNeely

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Truth be told, at the end of the day, bouncing from one mean boss to the next is not a very effective formula for finding satisfaction at work. It might be natural to want to get away from a nasty boss. Sometimes the best course of action is to work inside one’s own sphere of influence. We’ve heard that making a line of pure salt in the doorway can neutralize a particularly hellish boss.

If, however, Satan is your boss, your job is just gonna be a thousand flaming tons of awful. No career book or crisp career advice is going to shape a better experience for you, this is what eternal damnation looks like. We’re sorry to say that you are SOL.

Watch and learn, people, watch and learn.

Thank you, Lisa McNeely and associates, for a lil’ trip to the Devil’s infernal lair! Happy Gothtober!

Today’s Eye Catching Recipe with Yuki Okada

Eye like it!

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Chef Yuki Okada returns with another sumptuous recipe for your haunted appetite! This dish looks sooooo pleasingly weird, and it tastes quite as good. Not only that, but this recipe is very easy to make, that makes it a Halloween Hit! Serve it to anyone who enjoys pasta, olives and cheese.

Also, for your information, this recipe WAS tested by America’s youth, who responded positively to the focused testing of a giant bowl of spooky pasta!

Thank you, Yuki, for this savory seasonal delight!

Beware the Update! Gothtober Day 15 with the Fresh Prince of China Town!

At 2am it’s time for a Fatburger…

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Coming from China Town, Los Angeles, is a fearsome Gothtober piece about DRIVING. If there’s one thing you really get to know in LA, it’s roads. If your GPS isn’t working quite right, getting across town can be a problem.

Habitually, in LA, one shouldn’t drive anywhere between 7:30am – 9:30am, or 4pm to 7:30pm, if you can help it. In any case, make sure your GPS is working properly, and make sure the latest roll out of the latest update is kosher before you just follow it any ol’ place. Who knows where you’ll end up… if at all!!! Eeeeeeeek!

Thank you, Fresh Prince of China Town, for risking your life in the congestion of city streets to make this cautionary tale about making sure the latest update is the one you want! Happy Halloweeeeennnnn!!!!

Mike Rainey’s “Bitter Melon” Gothtober Day 14

During the film, another orange being walks by… but not of the gourd family!

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Coming to you all the way from FRANCE is this Terry Gross-style interview with a pumpkin, who in all honesty, is a bit prickly. I don’t know if you could expect such countenance from every squash you come across. Talking pumpkins are rare, so it’s a very informative exposé on the life of a jack-o’lantern.

Are you wondering how this piece was made? Here is a special “Behind the Scenes” look at how Mike engineered the talking pumpkin:

And just so you know, the technologically advanced “movie puppeting stick” Mike used to manipulate the pumpkin’s jaw was: a chopstick.

Thank you, Mike, for introducing us to Jacques the pumpkin, please tell him he’s got lots of fans. Happy Halloweeeennnn!!!

Lucky Gothtober Day 13 with Asher Slasher

Asher introduces himself with some jaunty handwriting…

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Happy FULL MOON everyone! Asher Slasher sends us a fun craft imbued with a spell-ridden way to make a seriously scary ghost out of some household supplies!

Find yourself a toilet paper roll and some other implements, do a bit of writing, stuffing, twisting, assembling, and you have yourself a powerful tidbit for the moonlight to follow!

Thank you, Asher Slasher, for spending a haunted crafty afternoon with us, Happy Halloween!

Open Trench Creative’s Ghosty Gothtober Day 12

A bit of banana ghost wrangling by Open Trench Creative

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Not sure if you know that ghosts and bananas are a type of partnership. We here at Gothtober didn’t know that either UNTIL we got Day 11’s piece (Del Norte Presents) and then got Open Trench Creative’s Day 12… BOTH involving a ghost-banana connection in totally different ways!!!

Apparitions and fruit are natural collaborators, it’s just a winning combination that’s a natural fact! In this particular piece, we’ve got a ghost doing it’s best to be ghosty, and then running into some challenges along the way. The challenges are a lot. October challenges can sometimes get ya down. But not to worry, all is not lost, benevolent forces prevail, and the ghost finds enjoyment and satisfaction in the day.

Thank you, Open Trench Creative, for the voice, puppet, string and camera work for this enjoyable ghost-banana film!

Del Norte Presents Gothtober Day 11

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HAPPY FRIDAY! Del Norte brings you “Caspar Goes Corporate” with a catchy-tune music video of a ghost that’s ready for an escape!

This 9 to 5 ghost appears to be a little burnt out at the office, but with the weekend’s arrival, it’s time for this spirit to CUT LOOSE and have a bit of fun! Watch as our ghostly friend finishes required work tasks and then seeks out some sunshine, fresh air, and physical activity!

You may recognize the fine handiwork of the one and only Tina Chiquita Rounsavell. This classic piece has made many a SparkleBlob appearance!

Thank you, Del Norte Presents, for a fabulous fabric ghost escapade and the PERFECT way to start the weekend!

Ollie’s Comic for Gothtober Day 10

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A lil sleepy vampire encounters a spirit from The Beyond! It’s a lovely ink and marker three-panel comic by Ollie Paige Linden! I asked them about this magical cozy stars moment between the character and here’s what Ollie said:

At first I wanted to do a more Solemn take on ghosts and memories…but then I thought that memories can also be comforting-like a warm blanket when you’re sleepy.

So this lil vampire is lonely and dozing in front of the teevee, when a ghost appears-it seems scary at first, but it really just wants to be a comforting friend.

Everyone! May your memories and reveries cuddle you like a sweet ghosty friend when you need it most.

Thanks for drawing us this cool comic, Ollie! Happy Gothtober!

A Weirdo Tale for Gothtober Day 9 by Paul Gailiunas

Get ready for a WEIRDO TALE!

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Get your popcorn and your snacks ready and settle into the front row for this great “Weirdo Tale” by Paul Gailiunas!

Ya know… sometimes, growing up, you see and hear some pretty trippy things on film and television and the radio. Some of it just never leaves your brain.

Today’s lovingly rendered comic book interpretation of a TRUE STORY from the artist/author’s childhood takes you on a journey to Edmonton, Alberta in the 70s! Rock music was having quite a moment, when fire breathing, blood-spitting, smoking guitars, shooting rockets, and elaborate stage antics were all the rage!

Combine hard rock with family dynamics and the tyranny of siblings, and you’ve got some pretty good anecdotes to share, and this one’s a goodie!

Thank you, Paul, for sharing this scary experience with us this “All Hallow’s Eve!” xoxo